tirsdag den 28. april 2009

Psychological Differences

When I see you, you'll act differently than before. See, I really don't understand women. Maybe it is the way it has to be, understanding them really would not be okay. Too much at risk. The relationship would not be okay, damn!
The talk, kind of sexy and it cheers me up. I haven't had that conversation in years, seems that I have missed it so much. I always wanted that, the smoothness and the lust around it so perfect for me. So, like you've noticed I am a kind of guy who likes sex.

The Conversation is too perfect, why do I have to go through with it? It makes me sad to see that I can't have that conversation again. I won't be albe to understand you again or to touch you once again. I do miss you sweet pea, you were my only one and you are still the most beautiful woman I've ever been with, you are too perfect... Why do I not stayed little bit more.

You would be the most beautiful flower in the desert, the one to cheer me up when I get lost. Just like those travelled the seas to discover America, never knew the world is round. Like men trying to climp Mount Everest to see the beauty of this world, I would climp just to see you once again.

Mario Lyberth

Abominatus "Hateful"

"To Deprecate as An Ill Omen".

Your anger has an effect on me, making me change... My face destroy itself, my dreams become nightmares. I see a girl in darkness, standing there in the dark looking at me. The face cannot be seen, suddenly screams loud and painful... Now I can see her face. Destroyed, her eyes only white and her arms touching the face as if she suffers.

What if the dream comes true? What if the dream is already happened? It shows that I am hateful of these things like I am some kind of a Ghoul or Abomination. Like I am hating you, for your mistakes and doings. You are too kind to be liking me, you can't love a man like me 'cause I hate you. I can't figure you completely, you are too misterious and unpredictable. Damn you!

Mario Lyberth

søndag den 26. april 2009

The Royal Jackass

I honestly envy those who have faith, 'cause without belief you have no life. I have once read the journey to the Mount Olympus, The Home of The Gods. Still, I have only understood it as a myth, a myth we have to understand as fact. We mustn't climp...

This is not a story I will tell you today. The story I am about to tell you is not as crazy as others. It's about friendship, about trusting your friends instead of hurting them. You see, I have done many mistakes in this life. I have done terrible things to my friends, the things I will never forget and be sorry for the rest of my life.

This is not about a girl, not even Aphrodite is mentioned, even though, I still am longing for her. Just like a beautiful girl named Mary Luz Acosta, better know as Miss Tenerife. Maybe you have heard her name before? No? For Christs sake, know your things. A man have got to remember the things that makes a man, A Man.

When the snow freezes you big time, you have very little chances to act naturally. You become highly dangerous between your honest words and lies. You hate it when you lie to your friends, still you treat them with lies. You become The Royal Jackass, you have to know your name.... Please try to act honestly next time you're around friends.
Mario Lyberth

lørdag den 25. april 2009

Early in the morn'

You are awake, your cell is calling but you are unable to take it 'cause you're too lazy. Last night you have done nothin'! Just sitting in the chair playin' old blues from the 80's, thinkin' about the old days when you've had the love beside you. Somethin' hurt my pride, takin' no shit about it and no question about it. I suck at love!

The drill is gone away from me, 'cause you've got me wrong. I ain't mean it, and you know the drill. I dig you, ain't lyin' about it. I do write everythin' into a paper, the only way to remember my pain. Everytime I go home, nobody home. Alone in the dark, tryin' to forget the day that has happened. She told me to forget her, ain't an easy job for me. She knew I wouldn't just forget, she knew I will always love her, i'm lovin' that girl... The body is just another dream of mine, I am surprised she would love me. A beast that I am, so ugly I am she still loves me. What a wonderful world, a miracle!
Mario Lyberth

onsdag den 22. april 2009

Moderate Blues


Life is getting longer, I thought life is short like you say it is.

Why feeling sorry when you are there to protect me? It’s that bad? I can’t see any problem with that, all you have got to do is take good care of me. I will not hesitate to remove you from this conflict. Please try to symphatise with me…


I know you are getting the blues, why not cheer yourself up. You don’t have to hold your tears, it is always okay to let it all out.
There is always a problem where we stand. I know I’ve hurt you before and I am still feeling sorry for myself, ‘cause the rose is dead now. It is all white, fainted and still getting darker. The dead have taking your soul away from me. The feeling is now in the egde, the clouds blocks my view from it and I can’t find my way to you.


I don’t know who you are, still I want to see your face, but the curtain is closed. You dance around it, do not want to show your face to me. Maybe I’ll let myself in like you always wanted me to do. You tell me that you've seen the spirit, still I can’t see this ghost. Your guardian angel, it hides from me. I don’t want to risk our relationship anymore, like you’ve said I am staying away from you.

Mario Lyberth

lørdag den 18. april 2009

Spiritus "Breath"

In many religions and parts of philosophy, the soul is the immaterial of a person.
The artist alone sees spirit. But after he has told of their appearing to him, everbody sees them

Do we have a soul when killing other souls? Do we have a soul when we eat other souls? Now, that is the question. Some people kill other poeple, while others eat others. See, people are cruel in the world. It's in our nature, the are the most dangerous animals and we must kill to survive.

Ghosts on the other hand, they don't eat (so i've heard) and they don't sleep. How is that possible? The spirits are like humans (so I've heard), why aren't they eating? What do they eat then?


Mario Lyberth

fredag den 17. april 2009

My first real guitar

Every guitarplayer loves his first real guitar, just like me. First time I lay my eyes on my gear I fell in love with it. Just like you lay eyes on yours. However, the guitars are different that is why we like different ones. Our styles chose our guitars, it depends which genre we love to play we chose which guitar we want.

I had a guitar before this. It was only a starting or beginers guitar, seventh stringed guitar named GRX720. I loved it first time, only for several months. Not because it's bad. It's a beginners guitar, since I wasn't a biginner anymore I needed a better guitar.

November 2003 I get a chance to buy me a new one. So after long hours of thinking, my friend gave me an advice... A new picture comes forth, Ibanez RGT42BP with a neck thru, perfect for me. I bougt it! And I am never gonna regret it. So perfect for me, the sound is clearer than my old one. Perfect for my amp Ibanez ToneBlaster 250 and perfect for my AX3000G. It's a perfect match!...
Mario Lyberth

torsdag den 16. april 2009

Staying up all night

I don't feel tired at all. My life is just getting started, my tiredness is not here. NO coffee to support me from this sleepy creature. Only the cigarette on my back, screaming at me to smoke it. The guitar hero screams: "Wake up! You're still young, live your life!" Wanting to play with him, but he keeps disappearing into the night, finally found him in his bed, sleeping...
What a wonderful world, my life is getting better minute by minute. My afterlife on the net is getting bigger. It's like my life is bound to it, must live... MUST LIVE! I live my life now. Being a guitar hero isn't an easy thing, your skills must be perfected. My speed must be clearer than anyone else in the world, even better than John's perfection. My grip must be steady, no shaking while playing. My agility and intellengence must be higher even if I have been drinking. If I sing, it must be a tone steady. No gasping...
I miss the old days when I could sleep in the dark, the light stops my tiredness. Coffee must be stopped at night. No need to drink it all over again. Oh, I must get a hair cut too.
Mario Lyberth

Why Do I feel this strange air?

Strange,… Air compresses into smaller pieces, so I feel strangled. It dances, doing Its thing to pursuade me. The wings of fire I see, It troubles me… Red spark around, roses die around It and the heat is getting warmer. Thunder strikes, bolt hits tree. I can feel it shaking . Everything seems to go to an end, the rain starts to fall.

Some say everything starts to regros, good things come out and every evil disappears. The smoke will be gone and It will return to where It belongs…

The steam is still around me, makes me dizzy. Piece by piece getting smaller. Apple of my eye, you’re the only reason I keep on coming on. Smells like christmas, teen people don’t care less. Even the children don’t want to open their presents. Like parents they act, hate it ever happen ‘cause it's a waste of money. For me it’s a waste of good air, steamy bath I want to call it…

Break it, overdone it and be The Only One. Do not feel akward about it. Not once, don’t hesitate.

“The Illusion breaks away the fantasy
Just like Heracles became known as Deity
Bumbed from the amazing ecstacy
Seing the unreal shade of entity”

26.Ane Louise & Mario The party is just an illusion in my dreams, our people are not and will never be known as Deity. It’s a curse between men. Only women will end up in heaven while men will walk the underworld for eternity, regretting the things they’ve done. I feel pity, I want to follow women because they have needs too like us.
The day becomes lighter, the sun shines brighter every single day. However the heat doesn’t suppose to get colder, but it does. How can it be? The once told ourselves that the sun is our heating device. It’s strange to see how cold it is today, the heat isn’t here.

Apartipp They are memories I just cannot forget, just like the time when I was a little boy. I fell into a block of snow, destroying my front teeth. Just like the time when we were playing on ice sliding around until a hammer hits my face. And just like the time when you kissed me at the party, I have never felt love so powerful… From you.

Mario Lyberth

tirsdag den 14. april 2009

That's an old hat

Old stories tells us their society, the way of living in the past. Bloody hell the stories are good, especially ancient stories about the Heroes in the middle east, the warriors in north and the good time stories in Greenland. Myths...
We're all know these stories, they are bedtime stories when we were little. "Do you see...? Are you watching closely? [...]
Before the conclusion you look at the questions that connects to the things you believe in. The conclusion is to prove or persuade others about the fact you believe in.
You're being bored by your own, you really don't know what to do nect. You're afraid for the sins you might have done, perhabs it's best to look for help."
To be continued....

lørdag den 11. april 2009

Everything in One piece

For me I am kind of guy who loves playing music. Especially when there is a challenge to complete. I am about to lose Strength is a good thing, while speed is also a good thing. Agility, Strength and Intellegence are those I want to be better at. When playing a guitar you speed up your fingers, if you want them to. I am like a Hero in battle, getting stronger while fighting and getting more experience. Not a Dark Knight, Not a Dark Ranger, Not Dark at all. Alliance between we humans and Spirits from light army.

Explosion! I think I've heard it before, strangely familiar to me. I don't know what it is, however it makes me scared effectively hard. This disease, pushed-away-disorder, is pain in the ass! I shouldn't have done it, I really am regretting it deebly... [...]

The city flows away, shines like a shadowed glass. I've seen it before, it is good that I have been here before because I can guide you all along my dear one...

It is strange, want me to believe that I can take anything from her, however she is strict to me. I want more than this, I want to see the reality too. It is not the game I wanted to play and the game is getting kind of boring. I want you

Mario med to dejlige piger 2

Turns ouit I'll be stranded here alone; without my guitar and a touch from a woman, I'll go insane. Before I Panic I thought "What would Jesus do?" And That's where it hits me, I'll be here for months as well if no one's noticed my demise. I ask myself many times if this is Gods test, because I can't see anything my mistake. Yes everbody makes mistakes but my mistakes are not that bad, and hey I am not a murderer nor rapist. I am not Cain and Karl.

This is like a dream; nightmare that became a reality and I am in it. This creator and a beast Ragnarok is hunting me, Darn It!; I am a preyt like a sitting duck. Vulcanic flames getting near me, I run like hell; Curse you slowmo!....

I walk the Earth for no reason, I walk with no love at all. Every woman I meet makes me realize I am dead, she is always an Angel or Angel of Darkness who's trying to take me with her. I have an unfinished business here, I need more time. However I don't really know what it is that is not finished yet; so you realize what I been through after reading this.Mig og Nkeil

Turning this side effect aside with delay hall really endures me… They call it Endurance Aura. What is it?

As I am cooking some chicken I realize my feet aren't healthy… They burn me. Have some mercy. They does not care about how I feel, they only think of themselves I know they are fools. My agility sure does fall apart, my strength is a direct line and I don't quite think my intelligence grows… I am in the same glass, never have been washed by my owner I feel quite dirty and I am afraid of it… Please Zeus help me. ..

As I drink the water from my cup I see myself as a healthy man… I am not, really. No mercy. I don't really care about my healthy as one another, it makes me feel strangely desired by healthy food I know they are healthy. As I sip from the water I closed my eyes for a sec, all I hear is ringing until it stops… Finally an ending. The end I thought I never see, the end that is it watching me while I listen to this… Damn this bright thing.

Enlighten! This is a Wrath of Gods. Snow, sun and silent at the same time. I am perhaps a message by my God, the God I rely on and trust. I am blessed… It is just a feeling it, mate. It is not a real thing and you know it clearly. You've been talking about it last year; it is not my thing but yours. Yours to command, yours to challenge and yours to take… What a fool you are, a fool without sense of humor and you are always acting 15 even you are 19. You know there's a link between you two.

Tomorrow is the day where everybody is celebrating the day of the youth, I will too. However without drinking a thing, not alcohol or soda… what a shame! Have some mercy. I love you Katie Melua! Not precisely like love, your music sure does relax my mind. Now I can't even think of anything… Shame on me!

Maybe I am changing?

Fest i Kantinen

I feel hungry, feeling the need for a cigarette at the same time. Wish I could smoke and eat at the same time... Wish I could really do that. Can you?

My hair is messy, my breath stinks and I look bad.
"The hang over really suckin' you around, it spells you. You look bad but I look good. Can you take a shower now, please? I will really appreciate it if you do that. "
The girl put spell on me, I have turned her into a scary ghost and I love her. No man can ever do that. Except you guys... I don't.

"I don't hate you, how you doin'? You have made me look awful yesterday, you barely can see my face and why do you do that..? Can I sleep with you tonight?" That sounds incredible! I knew you come back to me dearest one. :D If you have read my other damn blogs, you sure have understand what kind of world I live in. I appreciate it, you can sleep here beside me.

My mind is wondering all the time, have I ever kissed you today? I can't even remember it. So slow! Too slow! Go slow!

Well, I am amused. Good show last night!!!!

My mind is emptying itself, happiness comes in.. Maybe for a day. And many things comes bumbing in, like an avalanche. My intellegence grows, However I am still stupid. How can I say no to sex? Maybe not my type. Maybe I did it for a reason.

Meeting this new girl, freshman, is absolutely incredible! She is tall however, almost my size, Wow! Her smile is amazing and her beauty really blows me off. I'm amused. Her kiss, I can't describe it. Her body... Perfect! There are few girls who looks like that except Adriana Lima, you know how she looks[...]

This is amusing, here we stand, four people watching porn, 3 a.m. and what are we doin'? We are two guys and two girls.. Not girlfriends. We all going to school tomorrow at 8, that's in 5 hours... So no sleep today. What am I, crazy?

Mario Ligger i sneen

The new line is different, no girl beside me... So hard. New ones seems to be more different, not my type. Hades' boy is around, however I haven't seen him quite enough. Once I asume. Behind his back when setting.

Retraining my body, getting the long gone shape back. It feels good, so good that I gain strength. The willing to move on but thinking about tomorrow she'll be back. Knowing it'll only happen in next year. Perfection, learning it really tires me a lot.

Skating with skiies, running like a coward from the life I live in. No mercy. The nature is divine, wonderful and so white with all the snow everywhere. Beautiful, outstanding and perfect. I want it all.

Should I go out today? Is it necessary? Necessary to go out to find something valueable for me? I think it is. I need a womans love, the love not necessarily have to be important. Just a hug. Maybe a sex. Perhabs I am just foolish, perhabs I am an idiot or I am just feeling down

When I realize why life end our relationsship, I understand the meaning of an old saying:
            "Appreciate and learn from the past,
              plan and dream for the future and    
               live in the here & now"
I am coming  forward, climbing to the top and repairring my injury.

Where the lights are off, I can't see you, and now where you hide I think of something stupid like you affect the lonely heart out there. "you may have fun but I'm not."

I'm feeling little loss where there's nothing around my heart. The traveller will not come, not untill later. The answer to my prayer will never return.

[The truth hurts a lot, your chance to be clean. Spelling changed her life, your chance to be clear. Confusion!.. realises the Chaos, your change your personality!.]

Why do we pray to the Gods for forgiveness? Is it because we're afraid? The Gods helps us fight for our believes.... Them.

Temporarily out of action, i am out of gas. Cannot go any further... What’s happening?

Desperation drives me mad, before even finding the flaw. "I bear no sword!" Never have had anyway... Gimmicks. Before the dark hour comes, I play the gimmicks and have been once happy. I pretend and I smile. I walk the goddess of beauty, my fairy, she turns me on. The son of Hades walks my city, luckily I’ve never seen him.

I am seeing a ghost, my visitor, it’s a young girl... She likes me. I do not know what it is she wants from me?[...]

Begging for mercy I kneel, just another usual day. Seeing spots beside me this girl, why do I enjoy this? Walking behind, watching closely and making noises humbling.

I am beginning to rise.

Mario Lyberth

fredag den 10. april 2009

Getting the High on the land

Preparing the light, getting excited about the fact I am about to travel into another world. Thinking about Lust, Aphrodite I want you here to give it all you’ve got. The shaking sound is absolutely abnormal, and I’ve never experienced it (what a lie)…
I feel hungry, tired and rosed. Once again I’ve cheated death.

It’s like a dream once you’re in, your head swirls around like a tornado. Your body becomes heavier than you have thought. They put down the cigarette, I still feel I need one more to smoke. What a crazy fact it is. Still, I feel honestly hungry after it. Makes me wanna eat many chocolate cakes, breads and lots of water.
I think about the day we were in the nature, you are surprisingly happy about the nature in this silly town. Mig og Domino

“My glasses hides my true identity, I’ve been that drunk before. I really was feeling lazy to go, but I told myself that I’d do it for you. “

The face I saw, the smile I saw and the behaviour I saw was a pretty good thing to remember. Especially when you’re that high in the land. You imagined every little bit of her. You dream about her in your silly dreams, ‘cause dreams do not happen in a real life… I wish they do.

Now, the life I have is pretty exciting. Things do happen in my life, new girls screaming at me every day. Mario lige ved siden af kollegie 13

New life is coming, simple fact… New ideas are coming too, for me I have to accept all that is coming to me and live the life happily.


Mario Lyberth

torsdag den 9. april 2009


Dear reader; now that I am completely out of my mind of boredom I've send you this letter to ensure you that I am now fully happy.
However, they are things I most do before travelling to another planet. First things first.

The world needs to see me in action, it needs to see me doing good things at last. Heroism is not my thing; not my kind of identity. I am more evil, like a demon touched by God. Becoming more powerful than ever. Like a Blademaster killing all the innocent ones, tears of glory not needed only Bloodlust! So, I need to change. I need to relax my muscles and be with the one I like. I need to become an Angel. Saint is my kind.
I want to belive in God.
I want to stop smoking, drinking coffee and drinking beer. Partying is fun, you all know that. But is it healthy? No, as long as you drink once a week is not. Sometimes twice a week is too much. For me liking to go out and do my thing in the city. Well, you know the rest...
Mario Lyberth

tirsdag den 7. april 2009

Hero does cry

Tattoo and metal
Beauty to part
Hiding reality
True, familiar scar

Half-heart human
Diseased and cold
With Soul misplaced
Stolen, and sold

Reaching for help
Wanting her love
Yet given true pain
From deity above

“I don’t deserve this!”
”I don’t want to die!”
”Kill me Now!”
Hero does cry

Hero is dead
Villain to remain
In the happy existence
Reality calls SANE
Written By: Emily (emzie_wemzie17@hotmail.com; Australia; A good friend of mine)


It was nice that I know who you are but you’re here only for a holiday, now you’re gone. I’m already missing you the day you return home and I’ve cried in my room for about whole minute or two. I just wish you could stay here little longer, but everybody could just do what they want. I wish you could stay here little longer but everybody can’t afford it any longer. We were watching a scary movie some night. You tried to be so brave but that wasn't it. It was fun and one thing is funny: You always want to be brave. But I couldn’t help it, couldn’t stop missing you. It was so hard that it felt like it was going eternity… Yeah, eternity!
Dear girl, you look like an Angel, your smile is so unforgetalbe. Your laughs makes me smile. Dear girl, you blow my mind that I can’t even think about anything but you. There is no one like you, it’s sad I didn’t took the chance before. But it’s too late.
Everthing, I have done… Everything, I should have done. It makes me cry, that I didn’t take a chance ‘cause everything on you, so beautiful. Shining blue eyes, shold have take a shot. It makes me cry, that I didn’t take a chance ‘cause everything on you, so beautiful.
Dear girl, my paradise, you are my Angel. The times I’ve spend with you, little too short. Dear girl why give me a chance to spent little more time with me.

Plegde me up and undo

Why can’t everything be on their places
Even I couldn’t fix the biggest stains
It would not heal except those egdes
Give me the long and large planes
It seemed to exist every little one.

I don’t feel anything on me now. Even this animal is smarter than me, this cow. Going through phrases that is gone long ago. Answer me my lord and tell me to go. Until I realize what I want for now. I want to cry and scream for help. In this hell I wouldn’t lay I cry “Stop!” I don’t use the useal to change my wealth. I smoke, I smoke to cheer me up to the top. I am not who I am anymore lord!
Pity I didn’t see it coming
There it layed untill gone
All this triad gone gaming
The highest chord cries tone
I don’t have chances anymore
Hero does cry.

Mario Lyberth


I feel good, I esteem very silent voice I hear. Beautiful. I cry for you, when you near me I shed my tears. I wish I could travel Across the seas for you. I really miss you. No one really knows how much you mean to me. The smile you have I miss, when you laugh I feel full inside me. Assipiluit197

Why can’t life be more easy? Everything is more difficult single day after day. Just like there is this fact, it’s a thing we can’t deny. I guess that we are thousand miles away from each other, now that is a guess. It makes me feel quite small when you are so far away from me.

It’s a wonderful world, when you see trees around you while I see skies of blue. Snow around me so white, while I think to myself that is a wonderful life I have. You see the colors of the rainbow, pretty in the sky while I see my friends shaking hands whispering “How do you do my friend?”. I really want you.


You feel esteemed, sometimes proved, comtemporary goodness around watching you… An angel. Just like in a land of Eden, where there is a light watching over you from the dark… From a snake. Close your eyes, and you will find a cloth of invisibility. Where I stand, but couldn’t find you so you would find me instead.
Would you let me put my love to you? Would you let me put my love on the line? So the sky would turn dawn and the sun would glow red. The Love In The Air…

The world is in the air, you wouldn’t think that I could be so close. So change me to the magic of the moment, so I can dream away with you. Walking down the streets, from a distant of memories. So warm I feel, the magic around me. Take me… Clory night.

[When I’m thinking about you, it’s only happy memories. Because you make me so happy. But any happinness has an ending. I wish that our didn’t have one. I want it to last forever- Everlasting love does exist. But love can’t be described. Love is only a feeling. And feelings can be described. But it’s so difficult to describe my feelings over you. Difficult to describe that feeling when I’m with you. That feeling when we first kissed. Your lips against mine. My first real kiss. It will stay in my memory forever. You are maybe not my everlasting love, but my first. And those feeling are everlasting.

Just like bad dreams. So much pain with tears in streams. It’s no longer the same. No human voice can you hear, absolutely no noice. Only a tear, it’s falling down on my chin. Only one not two. Right on my skin. That’s only beacuse of you.] Written by: Trine, Danmark

Mario Lyberth

Cold Night

Tonight, I am sitting down on a bench… Alone. Where No One is with me. I could be left alone here, however I am not. Because I feel someone, divine around me. That someone… Beautiful air. It feels like I am being watched by an angel. The cold air whispers into my face, making me freeze to death. I can hear battles, screams of spirits above me. Long hair I see, wings of destiny. My guardian angel. Telling me to be careful, of those dangerous demons.

No one can defeat me tonight, ‘cause I am the kind of the night. My snow valentine is suppose to be with me, so we can hunt them all down together. The Sage, The Legend, The Master and The Virtouso should be around very soon. The opponents I fear the most.  You wrote me a poem which I don’t understand. Maybe more explaining would help me understanding it, smooth reading might do it:

Wind in the air, blowing hard at me
freezing me down, the Ice breaks in my tooth
While I sat, thinking I never be
screaming your name, Loud and smooth

The window’s open, face is there
Looking familiar, grace is here
beautiful smile, lest we forget
Please hear me up, do notice me

Finally I reach my number ten
Would you say thank you
For this 10th song is about you
Spending a lot of time with this pen
Just to write your own number ten

For some reason, I will call you up
Making you pretty good and making you wonderful
I took a step closer to you, singing like I never sing before
Crying our loud, hard and slow, Nice and tightly”

Livin a dream beyond here. Someone I’ve loved there. I can’t believe I’d stair. A girl of my dreams’ fair. Being neglected by this love. I’m afraid that’s my own incident. Life I’ve known long ago wouldn’t glow. New life isn’t the one I’ve dent. Please Don’t stare at me now. Turn me into a devil, my veins darken a hell. My life’s now scaring me. At night being crazy to be remembering you turns me on. Always I know You’ll be gone. I’m sorry but I didn’t mean to, holding you, carrying you I’d do. Forgotten_by_dilekt

When it’s dark and the moon is lightly the only thing in my soul is you. And my heart is beating tightly, something about you I’m missing.
But your smile is becoming nicely and your eyes is giving me love. And your breath is taken me finely. I can’t get away from you. It’s getting harder to get rit of my memories but they are unremovealbe. I’m getting to tired of this game but it’s unremovealbe. When the sun shines so lightly, my eyes is killing me. And my soul has been deatly, I cannot sleep anymore. Let this game over, make me go lower and let me be your lover.
Broken heart
When I first saw this letter, I lost my interest on you, even so, I didn’t smile anymore and couldn’t stop thinking about that problem. You said once, that you’ll not gonna be, I was stupid and I should have see it coming. I should have crab it and gave it away. But I’ll keep trying, why am I doing that? The only thing left in me is my poor broken heart. I like to do so, really wanna so but you won’t let me. It was a stupid thing to do, it was really bad for me. You know? I was really crying and try to cheer me up a little. But I’ll keep trying, why am I doing that?`I don’t know, why am I doing that`? The only thing left in me is my poor broken heart. Blood_Sugar_Bows_To_New_Bread

Mario Lyberth

lørdag den 4. april 2009

Shit Happens

Close-to-complete Ideology and Religion Shit List

  • Taoism: Shit happens.
  • Confucianism: Confucius say, "Shit happens."
  • Buddhism: If shit happens, it isn't really shit.
  • Zen Buddhism: Shit is, and is not.
  • Zen Buddhism #2: What is the sound of shit happening?
  • Hinduism: This shit has happened before.
  • Islam: If shit happens, it is the will of Allah.
  • Islam #2: If shit happens, kill the person responsible.
  • Islam #3: If shit happens, blame Israel.
  • Catholicism: If shit happens, you deserve it.
  • Protestantism: Let shit happen to someone else.
  • Presbyterian: This shit was bound to happen.
  • Episcopalian: It's not so bad if shit happens, as long as you serve the right wine with it.
  • Methodist: It's not so bad if shit happens, as long as you serve grape juice with it.
  • Congregationalist: Shit that happens to one person is just as good as shit that happens to another.
  • Unitarian: Shit that happens to one person is just as bad as shit that happens to another.
  • Lutheran: If shit happens, don't talk about it.
  • Fundamentalism: If shit happens, you will go to hell, unless you are born again. (Amen!)
  • Fundamentalism #2: If shit happens to a televangelist, it's okay.
  • Fundamentalism #3: Shit must be born again.
  • Judaism: Why does this shit always happen to us?
  • Calvinism: Shit happens because you don't work.
  • Seventh Day Adventism: No shit shall happen on Saturday.
  • Creationism: God made all shit.
  • Secular Humanism: Shit evolves.
  • Christian Science: When shit happens, don't call a doctor - pray!
  • Christian Science #2: Shit happening is all in your mind.
  • Unitarianism: Come let us reason together about this shit.
  • Quakers: Let us not fight over this shit.
  • Utopianism: This shit does not stink.
  • Darwinism: This shit was once food.
  • Capitalism: That's MY shit.
  • Communism: It's everybody's shit.
  • Feminism: Men are shit.
  • Chauvinism: We may be shit, but you can't live without us...
  • Commercialism: Let's package this shit.
  • Impressionism: From a distance, shit looks like a garden.
  • Idolism: Let's bronze this shit.
  • Existentialism: Shit doesn't happen; shit IS.
  • Existentialism #2: What is shit, anyway?
  • Stoicism: This shit is good for me.
  • Hedonism: There is nothing like a good shit happening!
  • Mormonism: God sent us this shit.
  • Mormonism #2: This shit is going to happen again.
  • Wiccan: An it harm none, let shit happen.
  • Scientology: If shit happens, see "Dianetics", p.157.
  • Jehovah's Witnesses: >Knock< >Knock< Shit happens.
  • Jehovah's Witnesses #2: May we have a moment of your time to show you some of our shit?
  • Jehovah's Witnesses #3: Shit has been prophesied and is imminent; only the righteous shall survive its happening.
  • Moonies: Only really happy shit happens.
  • Hare Krishna: Shit happens, rama rama.
  • Rastafarianism: Let's smoke this shit!
  • Zoroastrianism: Shit happens half on the time.
  • Church of SubGenius: BoB shits.
  • Practical: Deal with shit one day at a time.
  • Agnostic: Shit might have happened; then again, maybe not.
  • Agnostic #2: Did someone shit?
  • Agnostic #3: What is this shit?
  • Satanism: SNEPPAH TIHS.
  • Atheism: What shit?
  • Atheism #2: I can't believe this shit!
  • Nihilism: No shit.
  • And of course we must add...Alcoholics Anonymous:  Shit happens-one day at a time!


[My name is Cain, the first born son of Adam and Eve. I am the first murderer, I am the first one cursed and punished by God. I am an example of every men in this world. I overcome everyone now, even the great Iliad I’ve defeated. My arrow is sharp, sharper than Apollons shiny arrow. I wind-walk my enemies and stap them from behind so they can call me backstapper.] 


The world we see changing, when needed smoking area you see me.
I am side by side with Cain, wondering why he didn’t kill me. Maybe I am like him, cursed… I don’t mind that, I am already feeling it coming. Just like she is constantly showing how much she liked me but didn’t do anything about it. I always tell her how much I like her, visiting her just to see her smile gazing upon me… Rangers divine intention, but where’s your heart? There’s nothing I can say, to change that part. You’re with the knight, instead of being with me. I am just one the Rangers, I am no knight and I can never be a knight which you love intensely. All knight smoke cigars, I’ve tried that. However it didn’t work and it is not who I am. “Nothing you can say can’t stop me going on, no matter what you do can’t hold me away from him.” She said to me. The sky is darkening when she said those words. Her face is no longer steady, I feel her fear for me. I panicked…


Seeing me, you say that you want me. You really don’t know what you are saying, don’t you? I want you too so much. And I can’t see the problem that we are having. Perhaps there’s no problem at all.

torsdag den 2. april 2009

Accommodate death

We all know that the power within the devil is deadly, dark and undead.  On the other hand we all know the power within God is tranquil, divine and bright.  aquafireing_mode03_by_donzee

The fire and water collaps together. My days are begginning to show me that my life is getting more special. It’s like I am surprisingly getting stronger within love, no man is allowed to do so. The hardest part for me is that I have to chose which road I am to take in these days. Every road has perfect endings, it’s more like a fantasy. However, which road is best for me?

The first road is wealth. A perfect living situation without longing for food. However, you’ll find another one to love. Following that road leads to breaking with the love one you already have. This will be challenging… The money keeps coming in and out, you’ll do best when you do your thing which you love so much. Music.

The second road is healthy. A perfect long life without longing for dreams that you want to follow. There, you’ll have the one you love with you. If you go that way, you’ll never be albe to construct new ways of living your own life. There, you’ll be without your music, and the money can be a problem sometimes… A hard decision.


The life you had
My life was perfect, with someone to hold to I screw it all up. By Accommodating death I seduced Pandora. Destroying everything I care about, every I want in the first place. The sounds of Impalement scares me deeply, forks scar my body. Once a happy man turned to ever hustile greedy old fool. You’ve had a beautiful girl, yet you turn me down by letting her suffer. You’ll never be albe to see love again, true love will never be able to see you. You’re a shadow now, accept it. Walk away from your position…

Next stop
Have you ever asked yourself the other man in your area are doing differently than you do because things always seem to be easy for them? Do they always have a full schedule to follow and constantly get new stuff while you are struggling with this?
My next journey… Never give up on yourself, struggle agains all enemy. Be happy!

Mario Lyberth