torsdag den 1. marts 2012


It’s been a decade since I last walked this road and it’s been a while since I saw fierce spirits along this road, now they own this place…
Last time I walked this place I wasn’t alone and my health was at its best. All this time I thought I was weak against all the dark ones. Of course I’ve been warned by my critical mistake, I’ve been asked not to follow the road I wanted because in the end, it all came to this day, this road just before me trying to take my soul. Well, I thought I was prepared to conquer all along that road and could kill every last evil monsters and entities but surely I couldn’t handle the pressure I was in. Now, I’m back…
422191_3207235817023_1149991856_3436611_7296544_nI pray to you my goddess Aphrodite to help me guide my way back to my life of Lust! The life I cherished so much before seeing this Shade playing the beauty for me. All the ancient lore is written: “When the Shade open her eyes, all you see is beauty so fake you’ll fall in her spell and she shall reap your soul as if it was her own” and it did. I died for a while!
Fortunately all is not lost in this forest, they are Elves around here and somehow I am one of their favorite ones. For the last few hundred years I’ve helped them poor bastards out of their misery, however they also helped me few times as well. Let’s just say we’ve been working very well together. I’ve been resurrected, without a soul… I must find it.
My talent is now gone, buried somewhere with the Shade herself and this time I’ll kill her without mercy. Make her feel the pain I felt these last months in the afterlife.
I plug my veins to my TV, TV has sucked dry so here I am without my pills hardly innocent. On the end, here I fall. You saw your fear, to power up your feet, in the darkest of nights it taunt your dawn never to come. Tonight you’ll learn, you don’t need to feel your fear.
The last few days I’ve been training hard to accomplish my last mission, giving everything I’ve had just to see her fall. So I don’t need to feel the fear again. Help us God, we’re stuck in here and we’re scared to death.
Mario Lyberth

Beauty in the Light

Once I was the happiest kid ever to walk the Earth, once I could smile in a dark alley in a blink of an eye and once I could feel the warmth of a true beauty I ever saw. All of that is now a history…
Truly , I am weakest when around a beautiful blond woman, my heart beats twice as fast it normally does and the words that comes out of my mouth are purely gipperish. Especially when that beauty smiles at you, the warmth, the heat of a heart beating fast and muscles of your body behaving anomaly is just one of those things you feel. You see, I felt that feeling not long ago, and I lost it.
This beauty I am about to tell isn’t just a beautiful blond woman. For me she is much more than just a beautiful blond woman. The smile is one of the best thing about her, I can’t even properly talk about it, how good it is to feel it.
It’s hard to feel the lost of the one of your strongest feelings without knowing why it is lost in the first place. Suddenly it’s gone and you feel weakened. You can’t even put a fake smile to your dearest friends anymore. All you do is drink and drink until you pass out. What a man to do?
I want to feel again

Mario Lyberth

The Star Ahead

Ever since I finally understood the meaning of a star my life became much clearer and brighter. All my dreams were coming true, life ahead and a star coming through to the room. My very own star.
This is about a girl that always makes me laugh, about a girl whom I appreciate highly and about a girl I have come to love. You see, I can be easily caught by any girl where ever I am and sometimes it can be clearly annoying to others. However, this girl or preferably a woman is a hell of a woman. You need to be careful, her eyes are magical and her smile is wonderful. That makes you vulnerable, which is good for me ‘cause the way she moves is kind of my type. You see, every girl loves a little gift… even the little one, ‘cause a little gift shows how much you care for her and she understands how you feel about her. A tiny gift is better, that way you show her that you care to take your time to look for something for her. They appreciate you much better. If you don’t give her something… you dirty bastard!
Call it what you will, chances have been broken and you are now my enemy. All the things you’ve done to make me feel stupid are unforgettable and you will never be forgiven. All I ever done to make you feel better are now in the trash rotting away in the fires of hell. Now I have my very own star which is making me feel better about our conflict is now forgotten. You ARE forgotten.
The closes thing to craziness is that I can see you everyday of the week, every time you smile and every time I can’t seem to resist smiling are my endless fairytales. Three wises are coming true and seven mysteries are right ahead. What will happen to us in the near future when we truly know that we are attractive to each other. What is the only thing that always stopping us and how the hell am I gonna do when you travel. All the points are here to stay until solved. Who can help me.
“Look at her eyes staring,
knowing I’ll be soon smiling
Closeness soon to come
Lust be taken ‘till it’s done”
I know I am not so good at writing poetry and I try and try, ‘cause I’ve heard practice makes you better.
Mario Lyberth 

Always has been and Always will be the Best

Alright my new friend, here’s some inside sights you’ll have to compete with me and my incredible writing style. Now, Annika, this is why Aarhus is better than Copenhagen.
Before I begin I like to tell you these facts: Aarhus – City of Smiles, Copenhagen – City of Crime. and that is all. Now, don’t you be offended by this fact and you know it’s true. Don’t you?
All along the Gods have been asked to discuss what is better, there has always been battles and arguments between certain Gods ‘cause everyone even the Gods can not agree with each other and all the roads leads to the same destination.
Everything is better here and not there, everything has meaning and not there. hehe sure I don’t know much about there ‘cause I’ve been experiencing a lot different lifestyle here and not there. Still I’ve got to say, it’s better living here. Please accept it.
All you need is love they say to all of us every day
The smile is the one that gives us all we need to feel the warmth
Feelings show all the same from a smile to us today
Sure laughter is one of joys that gives the heat from the breath
Consider this the known fact you’ve known all along

Ain’t it easy to see the happiness that walks the city
People greeting passing by is simply comforting feel for all of us
Pain isn’t the way to see the true sight along the entity
The cultural beauty just around the corner is not bad for all of us
Simply the miles count to the happy carelessness
And I know you’ve got a lot of pain that’s born inside you
But instead of growing stronger you let it divide you
All the stress is gone after a day in the city of smiles in you
Cannot deny how grateful you feel when feeling the warmth in you
All that comes from a city of smiles
Words have been spoken and no man can deny it as you lay beside yours truly
Don’t be so careless when believing there is such a place like this in this dark place
It’s better to see the light
hehe I don’t really know why I wrote this chapter. Maybe on sort of chasing the run that can not come to reality, some sort of paranoid man I am still I have a dream of mine that needs to be said to all of you. I’ve seen a beautiful woman the other day that can’t be mine to take. Such a pity soul I must feel…
Mario Lyberth   

tirsdag den 13. september 2011

Cozy Dine

It’s a rainy Monday night in a City of Aarhus, the wind gently pushes the rain into a tilted position. Everyone stays at their warm and relaxing homes while me and my sparkling stardust decided to go out and have a little dinner. Even though darkness is just around the corner we decided to risk the danger of getting cold the next day we head to the heart of Aarhus. A wish is so simple not to give up that easily when the love is just the other side of the road, it’s not that far away.
After long minutes of getting wet from the rain we finally arrived to a cozy little place Charlie’s, a little romantic place just for ourselves and the rest desperate romantics. Sometimes I think I could be more like Hank Moody when my heart always end up being torn apart from the angel I always tend to love too much. This time I also decided to give it a little try, maybe it’ll be not that bad and I know my beautiful Aphrodite will bless me heavily for my many trials. You see, this place has this thing going on… Irresistible to women, a magical place where Love is triumphs the evil. So I though I would maybe give it to my beautiful accompany, maybe the spark will be strong enough to light our love for each other.
The night has been wonderful, the candles really makes this place a hit with the women. Suddenly Zeus lifted my curse for the night to give my highly respectable love to one last woman I could love. Maybe I’ve got the power to give, to love and to be the fine man for the night and give this woman the hell she deserves. To be with the lust and sweat one last night before the curse is once again fired upon me. The harder it hit me the less I seem to prove.
Throughout the night we have fun, we even make this funny little sea creature we came up with through our food or leftovers. We talked and talked about life itself and our personal qualities with someone this past month. Still, there is this I am little annoyed by… I can’t seem to stop smiling when you’re around, and you know I’ve tried not to smile when you’re looking me with those beautiful eyes of yours. Maybe it’ll last three seconds before I am smiling again. Thank God for that.
There is this hope I have… Love, will it conquer the world of ours or not?
Mario Lyberth

All Lovin' Angel

There’s always someone special among us, every one of us has this unique person that makes us feel wonderful and forgiving. Giving us shining bright light all day long and the day becomes so much more. Every one knows this kind of person, sure maybe someone hasn’t met the right one but it’ll come to you throughout your life. I can assure you beautiful.

I know this beautiful angel, let me call her Armaita which means the spirit of goddess, truth and wisdom. I know you can’t see her smile in this picture but she has the most beautiful smile, really, which always makes me feel safe and calm. All lovin’ angel.

There are times my life goes totally south, sometimes it feels like I’m in hell feeling misery and pain. Being tortured by something evil, inside me burning and exploding. There are times I can’t even bear the pain I wish I am dead. When those times are near my angel takes my arm and helps me crawl this high mountain, one step closer to the top. Every step healing my scars, every step with a smile in front of me and every step with this beautiful woman standing beside me. You’re the unique individual I always have been looking for all my life, ever since my feelings for girls appeared you’re the one I have been looking for. The smile of yours is heart warming, that is what’s important to me.

I am the luckiest guy in the world

Mario Lyberth

tirsdag den 6. september 2011


Everything is now lost. I have never in my life lose someone that important so fast, so quickly and painfully fast. It is like someone is stabbing me hard behind my back. One wrong move and all is lost.
I feel all in my life is lost, I ask myself what trickery is this and why does it hurt too much? All these years we’ve talked and talked about our relationship cannot be broken, suddenly in one night I manage to destroy it in ten minutes. I speak of love but I ain’t no lover, there isn’t anything about me that is any romantic at all these days. There is something about this southern girl that makes me feel right, every time it feels comforting and easy. There you go, you’re gone for good.
I keep thinking about how you use to smile when every time I come up with a joke, even when it is really bad you still smile and call me an idiot or something. Your soft hands I’ve been missing every time I go to bed, how you touch my face and how you hold me at night. I know we have been having hard time trying to sleep still it was a nice feelin’. As long as we’re having good time it’ll be alright and that is what I thought. However, it is just a lie all of it. We have never felt the love you and I, that makes me feel used. Now you take my heart and turn it into something else. Maybe it is best not to feel this so-called love, ‘cause it is too hard to get over it. And please don’t you dare call me a weak man.
I learn something…
Mario Lyberth