mandag den 26. april 2010


Every man has a flaw which makes him unique from the rest. There’s a maze inside the soul which sometimes makes him do the dirty stupid little things which incedently drives the woman mad. There’s no surprises at all.

cerberus Being addicted to coffee and cigarette makes me little different, however many are. Me being different than the rest is, I am psychologically different, my emotions are critical to others.Especially when I am arused by alcohol.. Which make me special. There’s a collision between me and women, sometimes it can be dangerous to me. You know women and their male friends, especially when those males are in fact in love with the woman. The funny part is, the woman doesn’t know that. They often don’t. This man is like a hound or Cerberus guarding her and protecting her reputation. It’s too risky.

Whoever I am or whoever I will become doesn’t really matter. Because it is our positive or negative behaviours that creates this illusional life, which means we have the control. Many of us haven’t figure it out, yet. This is the stain I can’t remove, just like a dark colour in my clothes. I’ve tried so many times to simply remove it, still I can’t figure out my way to the door. The dust blinds my eyes so I can’t see. SOmetimes I am being stopped by this wall so high, I can’t even climb it. I hear Pandoras laugther in this small room, it scares me. I need your help, Selene, show me the way and light my path.

Greed is good.

Mario Lyberth

søndag den 25. april 2010

First of Everything

Rounding up, collecting information from the brain. Wondering how the things have gone if I knew what will happen. I know you probably thinking the same thing, you would have done the right thing…

I was not quite old when I first saw you. We were just little kids, going to the same school. Following the road to our friendship, never thinking about the closeness we had for eachother… Then came the Turn.

You see, I was this teenager who loves to play with whatever videogames my parents gave me and especially with my dearest and loving guitar. For Aphrodites eyes, I was nobody. That nobody who don’t know anything about lust. The world I was in has never seen closeness and never felt intimacy of a woman. My desires were different before you touched me. How could I be so careless?

For me, you are more than a woman. You introduce me to this world of greed, anger, lust, love, jealousy and difficulties. This life I love. Deep down my heart, I’ll love you and will often think about you. You let me see how beautiful Aphrodite really is, and her love for me. Lust is all I need.

This is the first of Everything and I love it. Never has been too great for me, even though my fourth love was amazing your love for me isn’t the same. Watching this movie together, closing in on the night, old stars watching us and smile upon us made the glory disappear and letting us do the things I didn’t even knew. Slowly closing, lips dry, later touched and the intimacy coming. The southern girls don’t even come to my mind.

This memory is never to be deleted.

Mario Lyberth 

mandag den 19. april 2010

Life Circle and Devour

When we settle our camp, we can build anything that comes to our minds. Build an army and expand your land, so you can build an empire of nations. Kill anyone who do not obey and follow you, and find someone you fully trust as your side partner. Maybe you’ll promote him to your general. In able to build up, you’ll need security and stragety. Just like Great Wars, Kings’ Battle of Nations, Heroes against Heroes and soldiers against soldiers. Life’s unfair…

Fan of knives, flying in a circle and waves, killing all in their way. With a blink of an eye, a Warden disappears again after killing many of my comrades. Marith Ledema, our magician, creates an icy rain. Sharp as knives killing my enemies like rats, no second thoughts. The archers are fierce, making us stronger once again. The siege is won, after loosing too many of my comrades we let them suffer.

The dead rises, skeletons searching vengeance of the living. The demon gates open, sending a vast army of the dead. No mere human can destroy. Retreat is our only option.

When someone dies, a child is born again through someone else. That usually how life works, a soul is never to see Heaven ‘cause it’s forbidden. Heaven is falling, new world is coming to us. Earth will fall someday and the signs are already beginning to show. Heat go and come, surprisingly developing fast. One day all will mealt away, giving our planet Eden. Rest is not necessary, sea will cover the rest, giving us our own one nation, one race and one country. Paradise on Earth, where everyone rest easy and no soul is hurting, no hunger and no armageddon.

When the polar ice is no longer, the high lands will control the rest. The white part gone green is considered chaos on Earth, many will die while the smart ones survived. Evolution will begin, developing us into super humans with great abilities, some powerful, some weak. The greater ones will begin to force other and war begins. Everything starts from the beginning, The Hunt…

Life Circle and Devour…

Mario Lyberth

søndag den 18. april 2010

Careless Creature

Firm, so firm your body is. Damn, I’ve made a mistake. You know, Aphrodite, you have promised me one thing. Never to let yourself be vulneralbe to your ex-girlfriend. The lust was amazing, still I needed to do it on other girls. I’ve prayed to you many times, why still punish me with this?


In different days I spend daydreaming about the ideal world. Where the myths are true, and where men are the careless creatures. Like myself, I am the unforgivalbe. Destroyed my humanity within, seeing my chimera infront. The nemean lion behind me with it’s powerful roar destroying my senses. Never to rest at night again, never to shine upon you. I hunt at night to please you Aphrodite, to seduce you Medusa. And you all-seeing God, Zeus, I wanted your love for me. To grant me and hear my plea. But you are not listening…

Mario Lyberth

tirsdag den 13. april 2010

The Touch of an Angel

Now that find myself buried beneath the guilt, I often ask myself this. Where my daydreams become nightdreams and my selfesteem is finally growing inside, showing a great potential so I can dig my way up to the shore. Do I deserve your touch?

darkart010sized Sometimes we forget who we are and who we are not. It is better to let the little things go when it happens. People do incredibly stupid things when worried and make an perfect ass of themselves. Especially when you do what they tell you to, like you’re their little puppet.

As the days go by, I am kind of forgetting your smell. My pillow I’ve washed too early, so is your smell. Any kiss I’ve sensed coming back to me, feeling anyone would mind about me. Listening to the lust inside my dreams and daydreaming about your satisfying sound, like a melody in me.

I know there ain’t nothing out there beyond the horizon, who’ll surely make me happier than you my Angel. And you know you’ll always be my Angel.


It’s easier to shut your eyes, gently wash your face and you feel now you’re the most beautiful woman on Earth.
There you go, you still manage to get off me and letting me suffer. You’re my everything… You’re gone for good.

Here I am standing in front of my dormitory door thinking, inhale deep with my cigarette and letting it burn me inside. How badly I’ve messed up your feelings trying to seduce myself from Pandora, Hemera, you are the light of my day and happiness of my sad little life. You’re my Angel.

Mario Lyberth

tirsdag den 6. april 2010

Sparkle and complex night

27032010(001) Ever since Easter I’ve been more happy than usual. Maybe it is because I haven’t slept at all and all the caffeine I’ve spilt all over my body. Maybe it is because I love this sunny day and all the energy just comes uninvited. Or maybe it is because of this woman I’ve been thinking about since Friday night, how lovely she was wednesday night. Who knows… This is our first day of school since the Easter holiday and I’ve been trying to adjust my time the other way around, you know I’m a night owl. It has been very difficult for me to change it back. It should go back to normal anytime now.

I can’t seems to forget this night where we start having party, so later we finally managed to show how we really feel about eachother. The intimacy, lust and the amout of alcohol dipping throughout our vains, we’ll go to the spakle and complex night. Let the darkness sorround you, and the dreams go begin.

“Unmistaken child don’t rush yourself
Let your fantasies be unleashed
The night will handle by itself
while we feel the long gone lust”

The night is still complex, the situation is hard to believe. Yet, we touched and kissed. A guy like me, cursed, is not understandable while having you tonight. Everybody is having a hard time believing, we had that night. I am always lucky around women. I always seem to take the most beautiful and the strongest ones like you. We’ll sing the songs to the moon, trying to make you proud as possible. The sun is not the only one who’s proud. You own the Night dear Selene. You create the most beautiful stars and the northern lights. That is not the Sun… Give! They sparkle and make the night comples and mysterious.

“Art and Love, streams of myterous ones.
Part with you, Pains of lost souls bites.
Touch my skin, let the show begin.
Warm within, you make me sin,
for the heartless ones.”

01012010(001) The scientists say, that the man’s beard grow faster when the man thinks about sex. They prove their point… Your body I can’t forget. I’ve never actually believed in myself with such women as you. My Medusa touched my soul and take me to the underworld. My looks aren’t exactly perfect and I am no flawless man. Since I was eighteen my God cursed me for being unfaithful, making me greed for pain and drained my ego ever since. You probably see why my selfesteem is highly low and my pride doesn’t really matter. You make me believe in myself again dear Selene.

Mario Lyberth

mandag den 5. april 2010

Moonshine Selene Beautiful

Selene___moon_goddess_by_dreamsofkate When the moon is high above Earth and shining it’s beautiful light to Earth, the love is in the air. For the last couple of days I’ve been realizing the real beauty of this Goddess. Her eyes sparkle and magical, they only touch my heart and smile. The most important about her, is her smile, the smile I can’t forget. So beautiful and magnifique. I’ll follow you everywhere Selene, even if it isn’t tomorrow I’ll see you again.

“The Moonshine tonight glow,
Goddess Selene to make me flow.
The Night is your own,
to remeber how proud you are.”

You are the proud far-winged woman, your selas so beautiful you make me Tender. Every night and then, I saw your Boreion Selas below the stars shining. Everybody knows how wonderful and mysterious those things are. I am your mortal, now I can not die while you’re around.

I’ll remember our night together.

Mario Lyberth

lørdag den 3. april 2010

Sweet Kiss Above and Lust inside

Sometimes it is best to let the things go by themselves for awhile, like they say: “In time the wound heals by it self”. It did.


Elune bless me with your dearing heart, and grant me pleasure of a woman. Last couple of days, I’ve been thinking about your beautiful body and your sweet kiss. The last one was incredible, your sweet body touching my humble figure and your lips kissing me are amazing. I miss it very much dear sweet girl. I would like to feel you once again, to hear you enjoy it like last time.
High Elune hear my plea… Grant me my wish one more time, I still need to relax more. If you give me this one, I promise you this. I’ll pray to you every friday afternoon where the sun is highest, and the moon is east pointing at my home. I need to feed my lust!

Sweet sparkling stardust, sweet queen Victoria, sweet Monique and sweet Louise you are. Everything you do is endearing and pretty.

Please I’m begging you.

Mario Lyberth