torsdag den 1. marts 2012

Always has been and Always will be the Best

Alright my new friend, here’s some inside sights you’ll have to compete with me and my incredible writing style. Now, Annika, this is why Aarhus is better than Copenhagen.
Before I begin I like to tell you these facts: Aarhus – City of Smiles, Copenhagen – City of Crime. and that is all. Now, don’t you be offended by this fact and you know it’s true. Don’t you?
All along the Gods have been asked to discuss what is better, there has always been battles and arguments between certain Gods ‘cause everyone even the Gods can not agree with each other and all the roads leads to the same destination.
Everything is better here and not there, everything has meaning and not there. hehe sure I don’t know much about there ‘cause I’ve been experiencing a lot different lifestyle here and not there. Still I’ve got to say, it’s better living here. Please accept it.
All you need is love they say to all of us every day
The smile is the one that gives us all we need to feel the warmth
Feelings show all the same from a smile to us today
Sure laughter is one of joys that gives the heat from the breath
Consider this the known fact you’ve known all along

Ain’t it easy to see the happiness that walks the city
People greeting passing by is simply comforting feel for all of us
Pain isn’t the way to see the true sight along the entity
The cultural beauty just around the corner is not bad for all of us
Simply the miles count to the happy carelessness
And I know you’ve got a lot of pain that’s born inside you
But instead of growing stronger you let it divide you
All the stress is gone after a day in the city of smiles in you
Cannot deny how grateful you feel when feeling the warmth in you
All that comes from a city of smiles
Words have been spoken and no man can deny it as you lay beside yours truly
Don’t be so careless when believing there is such a place like this in this dark place
It’s better to see the light
hehe I don’t really know why I wrote this chapter. Maybe on sort of chasing the run that can not come to reality, some sort of paranoid man I am still I have a dream of mine that needs to be said to all of you. I’ve seen a beautiful woman the other day that can’t be mine to take. Such a pity soul I must feel…
Mario Lyberth   

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