tirsdag den 6. september 2011


Everything is now lost. I have never in my life lose someone that important so fast, so quickly and painfully fast. It is like someone is stabbing me hard behind my back. One wrong move and all is lost.
I feel all in my life is lost, I ask myself what trickery is this and why does it hurt too much? All these years we’ve talked and talked about our relationship cannot be broken, suddenly in one night I manage to destroy it in ten minutes. I speak of love but I ain’t no lover, there isn’t anything about me that is any romantic at all these days. There is something about this southern girl that makes me feel right, every time it feels comforting and easy. There you go, you’re gone for good.
I keep thinking about how you use to smile when every time I come up with a joke, even when it is really bad you still smile and call me an idiot or something. Your soft hands I’ve been missing every time I go to bed, how you touch my face and how you hold me at night. I know we have been having hard time trying to sleep still it was a nice feelin’. As long as we’re having good time it’ll be alright and that is what I thought. However, it is just a lie all of it. We have never felt the love you and I, that makes me feel used. Now you take my heart and turn it into something else. Maybe it is best not to feel this so-called love, ‘cause it is too hard to get over it. And please don’t you dare call me a weak man.
I learn something…
Mario Lyberth

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