torsdag den 1. marts 2012


It’s been a decade since I last walked this road and it’s been a while since I saw fierce spirits along this road, now they own this place…
Last time I walked this place I wasn’t alone and my health was at its best. All this time I thought I was weak against all the dark ones. Of course I’ve been warned by my critical mistake, I’ve been asked not to follow the road I wanted because in the end, it all came to this day, this road just before me trying to take my soul. Well, I thought I was prepared to conquer all along that road and could kill every last evil monsters and entities but surely I couldn’t handle the pressure I was in. Now, I’m back…
422191_3207235817023_1149991856_3436611_7296544_nI pray to you my goddess Aphrodite to help me guide my way back to my life of Lust! The life I cherished so much before seeing this Shade playing the beauty for me. All the ancient lore is written: “When the Shade open her eyes, all you see is beauty so fake you’ll fall in her spell and she shall reap your soul as if it was her own” and it did. I died for a while!
Fortunately all is not lost in this forest, they are Elves around here and somehow I am one of their favorite ones. For the last few hundred years I’ve helped them poor bastards out of their misery, however they also helped me few times as well. Let’s just say we’ve been working very well together. I’ve been resurrected, without a soul… I must find it.
My talent is now gone, buried somewhere with the Shade herself and this time I’ll kill her without mercy. Make her feel the pain I felt these last months in the afterlife.
I plug my veins to my TV, TV has sucked dry so here I am without my pills hardly innocent. On the end, here I fall. You saw your fear, to power up your feet, in the darkest of nights it taunt your dawn never to come. Tonight you’ll learn, you don’t need to feel your fear.
The last few days I’ve been training hard to accomplish my last mission, giving everything I’ve had just to see her fall. So I don’t need to feel the fear again. Help us God, we’re stuck in here and we’re scared to death.
Mario Lyberth

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