torsdag den 1. marts 2012

Beauty in the Light

Once I was the happiest kid ever to walk the Earth, once I could smile in a dark alley in a blink of an eye and once I could feel the warmth of a true beauty I ever saw. All of that is now a history…
Truly , I am weakest when around a beautiful blond woman, my heart beats twice as fast it normally does and the words that comes out of my mouth are purely gipperish. Especially when that beauty smiles at you, the warmth, the heat of a heart beating fast and muscles of your body behaving anomaly is just one of those things you feel. You see, I felt that feeling not long ago, and I lost it.
This beauty I am about to tell isn’t just a beautiful blond woman. For me she is much more than just a beautiful blond woman. The smile is one of the best thing about her, I can’t even properly talk about it, how good it is to feel it.
It’s hard to feel the lost of the one of your strongest feelings without knowing why it is lost in the first place. Suddenly it’s gone and you feel weakened. You can’t even put a fake smile to your dearest friends anymore. All you do is drink and drink until you pass out. What a man to do?
I want to feel again

Mario Lyberth

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