torsdag den 1. marts 2012

The Star Ahead

Ever since I finally understood the meaning of a star my life became much clearer and brighter. All my dreams were coming true, life ahead and a star coming through to the room. My very own star.
This is about a girl that always makes me laugh, about a girl whom I appreciate highly and about a girl I have come to love. You see, I can be easily caught by any girl where ever I am and sometimes it can be clearly annoying to others. However, this girl or preferably a woman is a hell of a woman. You need to be careful, her eyes are magical and her smile is wonderful. That makes you vulnerable, which is good for me ‘cause the way she moves is kind of my type. You see, every girl loves a little gift… even the little one, ‘cause a little gift shows how much you care for her and she understands how you feel about her. A tiny gift is better, that way you show her that you care to take your time to look for something for her. They appreciate you much better. If you don’t give her something… you dirty bastard!
Call it what you will, chances have been broken and you are now my enemy. All the things you’ve done to make me feel stupid are unforgettable and you will never be forgiven. All I ever done to make you feel better are now in the trash rotting away in the fires of hell. Now I have my very own star which is making me feel better about our conflict is now forgotten. You ARE forgotten.
The closes thing to craziness is that I can see you everyday of the week, every time you smile and every time I can’t seem to resist smiling are my endless fairytales. Three wises are coming true and seven mysteries are right ahead. What will happen to us in the near future when we truly know that we are attractive to each other. What is the only thing that always stopping us and how the hell am I gonna do when you travel. All the points are here to stay until solved. Who can help me.
“Look at her eyes staring,
knowing I’ll be soon smiling
Closeness soon to come
Lust be taken ‘till it’s done”
I know I am not so good at writing poetry and I try and try, ‘cause I’ve heard practice makes you better.
Mario Lyberth 

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