fredag den 2. september 2011

The Un-explain Territory

Everything is going to be alright, we move along the time. When to explain the unforgivalbe there is always one issue, you drain all the blood and give the kids a quite a show. You all know the pain we go through when feeling lost without our beautiful dear, knowing it'll last longer than we want it to be. The pain is inevitable...
The day goes as usual without closeness I'be been missing since the last time we spend the night together. Even though the lovely pain in my back is sometimes hurting me I still miss the intimacy. The smile I've been longing for is now far away, the dream is far away and the fear of losing you is pretty much near. What is it that makes me doubtful ? I've been experiencing the thought of never coming back, which is scaring me. My soul is hurting... What's next ?

My life today seems perfectly fine, still I am fighting for the freedom I've been longing for. The woman I like is now acting weird around me, maybe it is me that causes these kind of women to run away from me. Maybe I am the one who is frighten them, and it wouldn't be surprising at all if it did. Please try and explain it to me, try and make me happier than I am today. I haven't felt the love in many years now. I might go crazy if I never see this side of love, knowing it is always the hardest when knowing the woman is never taking me seriously. What is my move when I want to get closer ? Can anyone explain it to me ?
I have been better at this game, actually I was the perfect weapon. Now, after a four year relationship my tacticts are ineffective and my confidence is now fading away. The fire is too high to jump across. My feet hurts...

Mario Lyberth

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