fredag den 2. september 2011

Moderate blues

My days, as usual, has been enough cheerful. I know you guys miss me and I admit I miss you too. However I have duties to complete this weekend, so I won't be around as much. Maybe little less, or maybe whole weekend where I am gone... I hope you won't miss me.

My duties, how so ever, are tough. And it is my responsibility to finish all of them before the turning point. If I don't, I am so fucked even my mother won't forgive me at all. It'll be like sailing in a storm, knowing everything can go wrong and you can die freezing...

I know you are afraid, you're getting the blues all right. You don't have to cry, still you are... I know the spirits are darker than they look, they are scary too. Especially when it's dark outside, they have more power. Cheer yourself up, so I can defend you from getting snapped. I need you...

Why not the light shine upon you? You are so beautiuful when the sun it's facing towards you. Your face has never been so beautiful, makes your eyes sparkle. Be happy. I know I am.

Mario Lyberth

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