torsdag den 1. september 2011

The lust

Libra (23 Sep - 22 Oct)
You may feel as if time has run out, now that it's the last day of the Sun in your sign. Your relationships are about to grow more intense, and you'll also feel more alive as your passions awaken. Make up your mind to undertake some type of service, for it's your extra effort and generosity of spirit that will make you feel better about yourself these days.
Amazingly surprising how good-looking girls can be, I want to feel the lust among them. I want to taste the sweat, I want them to feel me:
"The Body I'm looking at is amazing
I am terrified just watching it closely
It is time to take the risk by Chosing
I fear the path is dangerous and risky"

Now let me take you to my reality, my true power and strength you haven't seen before. I can be very irritating, don't think about it. It is you we want, it is you we desire... You have the body!
I have never in my entire life feel this anger, the feeling that can destroy my entire life and turn me into this maniac and freak. I am now addicted to you, I can't really stop touching you... Please make me stop! Make me forget you, make me desire for more than you. Make me realise that this is really have to stop, you can't handle me now let me go! I can't let you go by myself, however by your help we can handle the situation.

Give me more! Give me a young girl! Give me a woman! Give me a body! Give away my desires!

Mario Lyberth

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