tirsdag den 31. marts 2009

Curse of the people

Stranger, there's a worm inside her body. She is trapped, but loving it. She is married and her brothers wants to kill that worm, they all are afraid of it and envy it because it hunts better that them. With a single strike it catches a seel, an icebear and reindeer. There's an old saying that those that have many clothes and food, are those that are rich and famous. She marrying a rich fellow, even that fellow is extremely ugly she doesn't mind. Her brothers are jealous of that worm, because that worm is a big man in her life. The brothers wants her to their selves, they want to marry her. Love isn't always the best thing in life, you can totally destroy yourself if you don't be careful.

søndag den 22. marts 2009

I have some rules in my musical life, as a guitar player I often listen to other great guitarists.

I have repeatedly posted this bulletin. If you think I don't know what I talking about. Then you don't know what you're talking about! Please use this Info, take it to heart. To be a working Musician this is the best advice you could ever get. This old hippie is just trying to get an important point across. To Print This: Would Do You Find: Post It At Your Band Practice Place!

1. - If you're band is playing a show, get there early and stay late to support all the bands on the bill. If you guys don't support each other, then how can you expect anyone else to? Don't sit in your van until it's time to play your set, then race out with your gear immediately after.

2. - If your band only draws 3 people paid on the door. Don't ask for a guest list. As much as we're in this for the right reasons. We still have to consider this is a business. Usually the sound person is paid off of the door split, so you can't think everyone can come in for free. The more people you want to come in for free, the more money that has to come out of the venue's pocket. When a venue consistently loses money on shows. The shows stop!

3. - Promote The Shows and get people out to see your band. It's difficult as a promoter to convince people to come out and listen to local original music. We're in a day and age where people are more content to listen to cover bands because it's music they know. The best person to promote your band is you, first and foremost. As a promoter, we push your music, we convince bars to allow you to play your music, and we get the bar to run drink specials to help bring in people. That's all we can do. The rest is up to you to spread the word, make some friends, and get a good crowd for yourself.

4. - You need to bring people out for your shows. Friends, family, people you don't even really like. It doesn't matter. There are very few places that allow original musicians to play. It's hard enough to convince a bar owner to allow original bands to play. The only way it can continue is to show the bar that it's working and the bands are bringing people out for it. All a bar owner sees is if this is making them money in order to stay in business. If they don't make money, then they close their doors, and another venue closes for good. This is their livelihood and the way they feed their family. If original music isn't working. They're not gonna continue it.

5. - If your band doesn't have a show scheduled one night, but a couple bands you know of are playing. Come out and support them! Bands need to come out when they're not playing and support other musicians who are playing. Bring copies of your band's CD, talk it up with the bands playing that night, trade shows with them, and just market your band in general to people who are there at the show. The guys in Local Demise have been really good about this lately. It's awesome to see a band who is trying that hard to build their fan base up.

6. - The scene can only exist if you create it. You can't go to a bar and just expect it to be packed with people eagerly awaiting to listen to new music. People are skeptical and chances are they already think you suck before you go on. So you gotta get up there and play and change their minds. Talk to them and pass out burned copies of your CD's for them to take with them. Get their email address from them and build up an email list to announce your shows. Not everyone is on myspace, although it's a great tool to use, not everyone checks their bulletins regularly.

7 - One of the biggest reasons people do enjoy local music is because they can get to know the band individually. They can attach themselves to this smaller band and make it their own. They know they can go to their shows, enjoy some drinks with them, and build up a relationship with them. That's what starts a scene and that's what needs to exist in order for original music to survive.

8. - Don't sit back and say "Why aren't people coming to our shows". Chances are people don't know who the hell you are. Spread the word. A 100 pack of CD-R's are cheap enough. Burn copies of them and pass them out. Even if it's only a 3 song sampler. Give a copy to the kid working the drive thru at Wendy's or pumping your gas at BP. Sure, everyone wants to press some legit CD's and look professional, but that costs money and then you need to sell them to make the money back. Then you're asking people to buy your CD when they don't even know you. If you hand them a simple burned copy, chances are they will throw it in their CD player in the car and check you out.

9. - Don't bitch about the set order! If you're given a show and it's the first time playing a venue, chances are that you will be an opener or a closer. Suck it up, play with a good attitude, and I guarantee you'll be invited back to play on a better spot or better show. Especially if you prove you can bring out some people. If your band brings 2 people with them, you can't expect to get the best spot on the lineup. Every promoter keeps track of this shit. We know who drew well on a show and who bitched and cried because they had to play first or last. This business is very much a "give and take" thing. If you can prove to a club that you're serious and you bring out people, we remember that and we make note of it. We have blacklists of bands who don't think this applies to them. And guess what, we all talk to each other. We have friends who promote for other venues and we share that info.

10. - Don't drop off of shows without an insanely good reason for doing so! If you have a cold, suck it up and play. Dropping on a show with most venues will almost guarantee you'll never play there again. Also. We all talk to each other. If a band drops on me or worse yet just doesn't show up for it. I'm spreading the word about them to several other venues and promoters in the area so they don't have the same thing happen to them. So, when you think you just bailed on a show and might have ticked off some "small time" promoter, you never know who they are affiliated with. Dropping off of one show could get you blacklisted from 5 other venues without even knowing it.

11. - Early, is on time! On time, is late! Be at the venue when you're supposed to be, ready to play!My Little Words Of Advice: we work hard at this, just as you work hard at being a band and making music. There's no one person who works harder than anyone else involved in this scene. Everyone plays some type of crucial part. The kid who goes out and flyer's, the bands who create music, the promoters who pull it together, the venues who thankfully still allow this to go on. They're all equal. This doesn't work without everyone pulling together to make this something that people want to be a part of. If we're putting on great shows and spreading the word out to people who might not have an interest in listening to original music, it may change their minds.

As a musician for over 35years ever word was worth repeating. You younger cats get a grip on all of this stuff, like now. Your Band or or Name rides on knowing this stuff, and use all of it, ti's great advice so use it!

lørdag den 21. marts 2009


Slow and painful wound, tainted music all in my head. I hear the sounds of impalement, tears dry out in my chin. The penetration is painful, it's like a stake goes through my mouth and all the way in. It takes many days to kill me, I was tough. Beautiful, Intellegent girl with heavy temper saved me from the underworld, taking me back. She said her name was Anne Bonny. She carried her knife, it is frightning. She knew I was innocent, she wanted to help me even though she hated helping criminals like me... It's like being captured and taken to sea. Stormy day, waves are hard, almost destroying our ship... Dear Poseidon must be feeling angry today, or perhabs it is God who's angry today. These poor men must having a really bad day. Anyways, I hope Bonny is taking me to the land of Australia, I need to see the girls down there. Hope God doesn't mind if I go down there.. He wrote to me and mentioned: "God doesn't give you the people you want, He gives you the people you need. To help you, to hurt you, to love you, to leave you, to make you into the person you were meant to be." Guess he like to call himself God.

Restless I feel, haven't eaten all day... Guess I am becoming immortal, maybe a zombie. Nobody ever knows, and there she goes. Dark Angel, wings of a bat, eyes glowing in the dark. You are too good, somebody might call you a whore or cheap. You're too good, it is the goodness we like and no you are not cheap or a whore. Everybody is jealous of you because you have a quality, the talent in you. We all learn from experience, if you don't practice you can't be a master.

Mario Lyberth

fredag den 20. marts 2009

Omnia vincit Amor

The ancient greeks believed in Gods, Titans and creatures with human figures. Hydra, sea monster. Scylla, sea snake. Minotaur, a bull with a human body. Afterall, we humans need to explain things we can't explain. That is why we created an illusion, an illusion that is beyond the reality. In modern times we believe in ghosts, energies and the Bible. For me, they don't exist, especially God. The Bible was written by humans, today we might call them scientists. Sometimes liars, and sometimes they do prove things. But mostly liars...

Giovanni Baglione. Sacred Love Versus Profane Love. 1602-1603 Oil on canvas. 179 x 118 cm. Gemäldegalerie, Staatliche Museen, Berlin.

Every man has something to conquer in their lives, some have big quests and some have smaller ones. Some have many quests in their lives while some have fewer than others... The phrase: Omnia vincit Amor or sometimes Amor vincit omnia means a lot to me in these days. For me that failed many times, with cruelty and despair. Hunting for someone that doesn't exists and releasing my beloved dear out of me. Now, she doesn't want anything from me. Afterall: Love Conquers All doesn't quite true within me, It hasn't conquered my weakness for women.
Some believe Amor, a Roman Cupid has dark eagle wings, sometimes called Amor Victorious, Victorious Cupid, Love Triumphant, Love Victorious, or Earthly Love is the one to save us from darkness. Where is he when I need him? Relaxing in a tree while he's laughing at me, doing nothing just being cruel and demanding of my scars to feel again.
Just like Adam, I was tricked by a woman. Making me believe I was special, very special and at the end I am just a creep. Just watch closely... You'll see her with disguise, a nymph sitting in a tree smiling at me. Just like a creep, crawling up to her and taster her sweat and warmness. Small little gift, never lasted gift. Night fills with lust, warming up for my regret and I will not be defeated. I will become immortal once at for all, being with Gods in heaven drinking vine. Night is young, feeling dizzy... Fallen into a sleep... [?]


With games you have, I am just a toy that breaks easily. It's cold outside, with dark magic you've given. The sky fills with clouds of blademasters anger, your charm againts him seems working. I see no fear in you, only anger which I've given to you by accident. An Accident in many ways so wrong, so unpredictalbe and so ironic. This is her way... Aphrodite!

The day before the accident, a Goddess visit me to make me a deal. A deal I've shouldn't had taken, but instead I turned her down. "You shall do one quest for me, mortal. By that you shall be granted a beauty, a beauty in many ways more beautiful than a princess and she shall be yours." By turning her down, she cursed me... Creating a monster inside me, making me desire only for games. My Cruel Intentions, my desires only for you! Athena, you have taken my knowlegde away, knowlegde for playing. And Mother Gaia, you no longer required me at presence. Giving my soul to Hades, where I really belong...
"Eyes of beauty, curses of lust
Evil mind of sanity, smile only for dust.
Cry out with laughter, with her only crush
she is a woman, a 'beautiful evil'."
She told me that I will be given with sex, love and beauty. Just as I feared, I became jealous interrupting the peace between us. My darkest fear... war.

It's difficult to control the anger in me, so difficult to change it into love. Sex is only thing that is left in my life, no love and no peace. The beautiful body, creating war I have never wanted in the first place and with war I lost everyone. Especially you.

Mario Lyberth

tirsdag den 17. marts 2009

Wearing Magical Glasses

[I see clealy now, I become more powerful and my moral rises above normal. I am more wise than three wise men now, more powerful than Twin Kings. My Instincts seemed right, now they are alway true. Everything reveals, my true sight is huge.The biggest. No need to drink coffee, now, no need to smoke. It's not for long I'll say goodbye to theese portions. I can barely hold them for long. They will be taken away from me, where I become weaker and where I need the drink and the cigarette. This is absurd, he'll absorb me. Time is my enemy, my rival, everyday it gets stronger and one day it will defeat me.

It is dark and the moon has been hidden by the clouds, I have difficulty by seeing you. What's the point if I can get near middle of the square when I'm stuck in the egde. I see a wall, impossible to break, getting closer and my room is getting smaller. Finally the sun in my heart shines no more, feeling only darkness. Being buried is not great, you feel the pain when covered by it. I see this box, it is so beautiful. Pandora whispers to me to open the box, to take what is mine and my rightful throne... Indside, it creeps me...]

søndag den 15. marts 2009

Strange things do happen

World is large. Huge. My identity in my soul I've forgotten, many places I can hide from. Things that are so simple, so incredible enough to see that I am hiding. Coffee is one of the best places I can hide to, so does the cigarette in the same way. Every morning I wake up tired, I take a shower before going to school. Sometimes I don't even have the time to eat breakfast, so lazy that I can't even get up early. So, let's say, coffee is my morning habit. My getaway card from the tiredness, never to reach all the relaxness I've should have gone through. Wanting to shake up my hands until I can't no more. When stressed I run to my beloved one, the vigarette, the calmer of my soul. My shortcut to calmness. I've read this article about "Move on" and I've seen myselft many times during reading it. This is me.

When trying to accept life, they are things to see first at hand. These strange things that goes in a circle, going back and forth. I've to see myself, see these flaws I've created and finally see my identity. I've to love myself for it, and pay it forward to others. Being honest is not an easy job, that is why I sometimes have to tell lies to escape from the pain. This is a psychological problem, a difficulty for a person with a lot of problems. You can see it in my eyes, especially when I am fully calmed. I don't want to fall in to pieces and I don't want to dive into the blue. I can write down my difficulties, play them out loud. Anyway, there's a problem, no one is there to hear it and some might have problems hearing me play. I can record it, though, and hear myself play this silly song plays beautifully.

Let's take the ghosts. Are they really around us? If they are, where the hell are they? Why do we bother believing them when we even can't see them. We all have heard that children and animals can see them hanging with us. They can see them, some say. However it's a bullshit. The bran can trick it's owner, especially the eye. Our brain creates an illusion, making us see things. When seing this unusual 'thing' you start believing the stories about what you possibly can see.
What you see isn't always the real thing, you might end up in a hospital if you don't be careful. You might tripped, fall down and maybe even go to a place we all know as Paradise.

I am not a believer, I am not a critic but I have opinions.

Mario Lyberth