fredag den 2. oktober 2009

You Endear Yourself To Me

If someone tells me that Talia Cassidy wants me indeed very much, I would say no to her and tell her that I already like someone else with a body like hers. Maby even more, because her body cannot directly described by me, I adore it too much and see it as the most beautiful body. We all know Talia Cassidy is a very beautiful girl, that 22 year-old beauty from Australia is perfect. Anyway, this is not about how she is. This is about you dear sweet apple-pie. If someone wants me to give you up for the Aston Martin DBS I would say no to him, ‘cause I don’t want a car to cheer my life up. I want you to cheer me up, like I have said before I adore you just the way you are.

You endear yourself to me, you smile lightly to me with caution but shines all the way across the universe. If you want me to write a song about you, I’ll write you the greatest and most beautiful song ever written. Gently singing it I want you to, like your sweet voice I hear all the time in my head.

Come away with me in the night, come away with me across the seas and come away with me everyday for the rest of my life. Because I want to walk with you on a rainy day, won’t you try it? I’ll make it simple but romantic with love flying around us.

Aphrodite has blessed me once again, making the blademaster disappear but soon be back again. I watch the clouds going away from me, you know why the sun shines? Is when I am with you it does.

Apollon is my friend, my God, my family. He always like me, that is why when I am happy, he blesses me with a shining song and a good music to listen to. He loves the music you play, he love her singing and yours too. First powerful and with a gently flow, the voice from a goddess, a gift from Zeus and your talent. Another voice very gently and lighty, yet truely beautiful and touching voice, Apollon’s gift for you, the most quit beautiful voice. However when turning it up, still beautiful and perfect! I love you both!

Mario Lyberth

Living Alien On The Moon

Okey, you know me… You know how I tell you what’s on my mind. Well, I am pretty tired. Last night I was hanging out with my dearest friends.

Whatever happen to the moon? Everybody talks about living in the moon. Today, we saw this movie about living in the moon. Only rich and luxorious people can afford, the only problem is once you land to the moon the real problem comes. You can not afford to travel back to Earth, and all you have is your place you bought back on Earth and your version 1 robot as your buttler. IF you are a very lucky one, you become a very successfull one with your own nightclub, which by the way everybody likes. How lucky do you think we would be, if we live together on the moon?

The world is full of surprises, for everyone life can suddenly change. You never expect when it comes, sometimes with a deadly bite. As for me, my life suddenly shines a bright light. Love etangles me on a very beautiful spot. Especially when it is you stading right by side, all day smiling at me. Oh, I really wish that it could be something more that that, something more to it. But the heart Darkens, and you disappear. That’s when I knew, I won’t be seeing you for awhile once again

Mario Lyberth

Age Of Encumbrance

Carry on you are, living your life completely incredible… Going on vacations you travel like it is just a holiday. Maybe it is just a dream, like myself I am smelly of a Halibut… We have a smelly working place. Everyday I am becoming more smelly than I already am. I am trying to get off this silent sea ‘cause it makes me lonely. This is an encumbrace I carry, so heavy I can’t keep it on the top. I try to wake up and see it with you. However, I am just chasing time once again like I am in endless night…

The land I see, there are no living things. I can not imagine you’ll remember me next year. Maybe because we will never see eachother again? Is it hard to see when we are seperated through the seas? Now, I am going insane about this. Of course we will see eachother again, but not like we are use to be. I am a blue color, you are a different one… If we join ourselves, we’ll become different. That is why we change who we are, and you’ll be acting weird all about this situation. Telling me to quit my behaviour and become another person. See, sometimes we can’t just join one another without changing our personalities…

Like me, a coffe addicted person I am very much addicted to your smile and laughter. I can’t get enough of it, specially when I am sitting with you. When I am sad, the rain drops, so you will know when the rain comes to you. The crush is killing me girl! Still, I can’t tell you how I feel about you… Damn!

Mario Lyberth