onsdag den 16. september 2009

Who Will Say?

The question remain unanswered and no one can answer it right away. For me it is also very difficult so answer the tricky question, now where the damn mosquitos are sticking their pins right on to my skin and make me nauscious. What is this between man and woman that I am missing, when it comes to loving one another? How can you explain the feeling when it’s right?

You walk and dance in the moonlight, knowing no one will bother your dancing style. You’ll forever live as an artist and will forever be a star. Who will say, when I tell you how much I like you and who will say when I feel completely like an idiot when you turn me down. That will not bother me, I will feel sad but alive ‘cause the pain I feel means I am alive as much as you are. When you accept me, I will feel thrilled and so happy knowing I’ll be very happy for a short notice.

Like you feel happy it is possible, endearing my hometown makes me want to life with you around. Taking good pictures while singing good songs together. Like when I sing “Scarlet” you’ll sing with me, but your “Wild Horses” makes me fall in love with you even more. The voice so wonderful and beautiful I hear, controlling me painfully without feeling misery. As you already know, I love to feel the pain ‘cause without it I won’t be able to feel Love!
My little brother and I look alike, now I can see why. Everyday he makes me happy, like you do when you are around me. The spark between you and me makes my stomach fload with butterflies. The right connections gives the right understanding… Like you understand me. I am not going to tell you that I am yours to command, however I am going to tell you I am yours forever, as long as I get to live right next to you… To hold you while sleeping and love you everyday, even though the baddest days I’ll still love you. This is turning into love instead of crush… Please help me.

Mario Lyberth

You And The Universe

Universe and you still running around, still trying to compare for your smile and your body. Key to your heart I’m wanting, completely out my mind. I just hope I can follow you forever, to hold you. Rigtht now I want to see you smile and hear your laughter, hear you sing and play the piano. I wonder too much, Zeus hates my wishes and curse me with my crush. Curse you scarn, darn it for the love of Gods.

Crushed I am for myself, feeling sorry about myself I am for this Curse of Damned. My mind must be cleaned, the scary wind come to me and clear my thoughts away from her The voice so clean and smooth in my head, looking good we are standing there, I wish I could have you both, however you are the important one. The sun is rising, it’s only eight o’clock. The strange thing is that it is night. Bark is gone, dogs are maby sleeping. The clouds are running away and all I see is the ocean. Can’t see the land where you stand, feeling afraid of loosing you for eternity. Don’t let Hades take you away from me…

؟ Let us asks ourselves. How was the universe created? Was it the explosion from the strays of elements? Or was it God? Hoever, how can you explain this: If it was the explosion, how exactly do the elements become elements? If it was God, how can you explain God was created? Was he here all along or does he create himself? But how?

Who am I really? Do I look that scary or don’t you like the way I play this game? When I ask myself theese questions I must be loosing it. Really. My only wish in like is you to like and love me the way I am and let be controlled or owned by you… to love me.

The sea is far away, the land other side is greater than good… too far away. Fire fades away, it’s too hard to say when you are close enough for me to say I really like you… The Crush! Most of everyday, it’s too hard to say that life could be simple for me to say I like you. I know soon you can’t see me anymore and I’ll give up easily…

When I am thinking about you, it is only happy thoughts ‘cause you make me so happy. I know any happinnes has an ending. But couldn’t you just enjoy yourself while around?

Mario Lyberth

torsdag den 10. september 2009

Unique Red Heart

Red lightning, sparkling stardust and crimson heart. Hall of the mountain king, Kaassassuk, ophan child teased by others. Lifted through the nose by adults and givin' pity food. Vengeance took over when Pissaap Inua made him the strongest in the world. Killed polarbears with his bare hands, lifted hundred food tree from the sea and killed his entire village. He is unique, fill with bloodlust and law was born.
Nameless monkey sitting, spitting through the aisle. Cordless slip the busy gargoil. Spitting out the waste into the wild, I am no more an angel. Killing fields the soldier passes by, clever me I would join the fight. Lay back in the arms of loved one, sweet summer sun scratch. Focus the waste, the wild and the war. We'll ask ourselves "where's the passion? Where's the hope?" and forget the innocence. They'll asnwer "We're fighting for our freedom!" while refering the word "freedom" into the word "power", and that is all what is it about... Power! Lucky me, I am living in a land of peace. We are the Night Elves of the north, far away from the Humans of the west and east. On the other side of the Orcs of the south, where the Undead lives among them. In the middle, Naga, once powerful High Elves now, forgotten, their land formally known as Atlantis.
Our world is divided into pieces, democracy and dictatorship etc... Where some have the chance to vote and some don't. Why do we suffer really damn much!?
Mario Lyberth

tirsdag den 1. september 2009

Stranger In Us

Moving inside the building creates an illusion, music all around, playing the awesome attitude. The woman I see so beautiful, with her kiss I complete. Being with her in this illusion I see myself a stranger, I don't really understand who I am. She connects me an orb, caution I mostly be.
Having played and won I understand my economical problem. Money keeps coming in, fully satisfying me. However, caution may solve my hunger... For money.
Mistery, full of surprises and history. For all the theories about Eath's misterious events, I wonder if all of them are thrue. Earth is very old, Gaia, our Mother of all the living creatures. Creatures gave birth to their babies. Generations through generations creatures expand around the world. Through Wars empires build, leadership through leadership Kings born. Some use it for power while some use it for reason, fair and peacefully. And you never know which one of them your leader is. Every one of us have this hunger for power, sleeping inside buried, a chance wakening it. Some are born with it and some of us have It sleeping.

Best of luck, Lust in buck turning sideways. Mother Earth set my hidden darkness away, hunger is burning my skin really hard. Inside a Demon looking for vengeance, setting Its foot step by step and I can't hold it much longer.
Mario Lyberth