lørdag den 27. juni 2009

Maze of Mayhem and Love

Since I've been away for a while, things have been changing around me. I found the perfect woman I want to share all my life with, even if I have to give up everything. My life has become a maze, a maze of Mayhem, a maze of Love and a maze of beauty. We all know in our every moments in our lives, we can be violent to others. And I've been violent to another man, punched his face out, beating him into the ground and finally making him scared. I know, you hate me for that. And I might have figured out, you don't like guys like me (violent). I am feeling sad and miserable about it. Everything happens for a reason. Sometime the hardest thing and the right thing are the same, but I am not as think as you drunk I am. It wasn't my fault, he attacked me and I have to defend myself for it.

I have found a perfect woman, with a beautiful voice of hers that makes me so touched when she sings with a soft and gently voice. Her singing is so smooth, I almost cried. The smile of hers, so amazingly beautiful. I couldn't see anyone else with a smile like that, the smile is unique. Especially her laughter, can not forget it! Makes my day a better day everytime she's around. You can spend minutes, hours, days, week or even months over analysing the situation, trying to put the pieces together on what to do with your crush or you can just put the pieces on the floor and let it ring. Love takes courage, for me especially. First time I saw her, I was afraid, shaking 'cause I have never seen a beauty like that. Her eyes staring at me with a gentle smile, asking me about how I am. I can't just imagine her, but imagination is more important than knowlegde. Just think about it... Without imagination, there's no knowlegde. However, it's not about being who everyone else wants' you to be, it's about being yourself and finding someone who loves every bit of it! And I hope she can understand me if I ever have to tell about my feelings. If she rejects: Life is a bitch, because if it was a slut, it would be too easy.

Mario Lyberth

tirsdag den 2. juni 2009

Incur my anger into pulp

My life is starting to make sense, I know it will someday I just didn't believe in it for the first time. My anger is getting smaller, like incuring it into pulp. Ever since I started to play my guitar my way, I've been feeling better everytime I play it. Then an Angel comes into my silly little life, she says she is there to make my life little bit better... And it did ever since.

If you ever be sad for life, you know what to do and just call me anytime anywhere. I'll be the one to set things up again my dear. Adjust your anger and set it free into the wild, no God will curse you for that. And remember everyone gets another chance for everything they have done, even it is murder or very bad crime.
You'll never end up in a desert alone for this, I'll be your guardian angel dear sweet girl. I'll be your light in darkness, I'll be your car along the road and anywhere you want to go I'll be it.
Sweet Pea, your the apple of my eye but I don't know what I really want. But your the only reason I live my lfe. I am missing you dear sweet pea.
Mario Lyberth

mandag den 1. juni 2009

Sweetness and full of love; accomplishment

You know if I was a piece of wood you'll nail me into your house. Another gift from Aphrodite for me to look up to. Freedom within me coming out for me to hug, no tears will be shed when around her. I just want to hold upon her while sleeping tonight, this very night. Reveal your goddess in you tonight, do what you have to do.
You are like never ending happiness, every day the sun shines upon me from above. Like Apollon saying to me to be a happy man. Like a road that never ends like Chinas wall.
First of all; I'll call you Sweetnes and Full of Love; accomplishment. Your sweetness is always there when I needed it, especially when I am sad. For people like you are sweet as hell, calling you for sweet as hell is not a bad thing.
Full of Love because you are happy everytime you see me coming to you for help or when I visit you at the café. Like last summer when we played hide and seek, we'll use to climp all the way to the roof of the house and talk or played games.
Accomplishment for you are as a person. Your body is perfect, I hope you will agree with me my dear. It is not always about bigger things. You are accomlished.
Sweet dear; don't you get the blues. Remember to breathe next time.
Mario Lyberth