mandag den 28. februar 2011

Ghost Town

Trouble comes again, I’ve accepted my life style. Now it’s quit like a ghost town, really, no one is outside at night. It creeps me out so much I get goose bums. Goddammit!
I hear silent songs about the dead, whispering through the fogs. No one is around but me and my girl Rheia, she’s bit scared about the church, bells toll silent by the wind. Rheia tells me to watch her back to insure things will go nuts. Even though she sees everything, she is still insecure about the creatures passing around us. creatures of the dark watching closely, if we even let our guards down they’ll kill us. I’m worried.
The witch crafts are all over the place, ghost appear out of no where. They seek destruction and want heavens to burn. We don’t have a chance. Searching for Ferrum so we’ll have our place in the battle, salt shakes creek for turn. The wall is thick, impossible to break through, impossible to escape from town. Soon I’ll be able to break out, so I can see my beautiful girl Nivi. Just wishing she’ll be there when I escape, so I can see her. It’ll be wonderful…
The hard rain has passed, no reapers to take my soul and no ghouls to attack me and no soulless creatures to feed off my body. I wish I knew the ancients scripts, old Egyptian scrolls to read so I can sent the ghouls back to the underworld. Cerberus would be worried about those creatures passing through without the cold coin. My dark heart strikes again, giving the blood of Cain, the desire to be the best of all and the anger uncontrollable. My poor heart…
Mario Lyberth

My Truth Serum

This is all about you, you and your ways of living my beautiful dearest one. You numb me every time I see your smile or hear you laugh. I have no secrets for you, I tell you everything and you know I’ll tell you the truth. You will always be my angel, min skat.
Today’s the sixth day of the week, it might as will be the seventh day, ‘cause it is late at night. God is now with us, today he watches us, keeping us safe from darkness. Since I first laid eyes on you, I saw the beauty and my heart melted at that moment…
Now I’m all alone in this forsaken town, no one to say and tell “My god, you really are beautiful” and no one to hold at night when the nightmares come. Every day doing nothing except playing on my guitar, everything is now boring without you. My life is now empty.
“Look at the stars a million miles away. 
Do you ever wonder how far they reach? 
Look at the moon a thousand miles away. 
Do you ever wonder if we can live up there? 
Look at these mountains a hundred miles away. 
Do you ever wonder why we can’t see ourselves? 
Look at these women a few miles away. 
Do you ever wonder why I’m not over there? 
That’s because you are my wonder woman.”
All this time I followed you everywhere, all this time I keep seeing your smiling face and all this time I have been telling how beautiful you are. Now, you had me fooled…
Mario Lyberth