onsdag den 23. marts 2011

The Truth about Athena

It’s been too long since I remembered your face, through nightmares I’ve been trying to seek forgiveness. I have never known the truth before realizing the true happiness of my past and long gone life. All of it reminds me of Athena, the true goddess I’ve been trying to hold on to all those years. Yet, I’ve lost…
Finally I can breathe air, knowing the end is near. Caution is now my best friend and love runs away. All those months past and far away you are to me. Now illness takes over, it’s getting harder to breathe and I can’t really sleep at night. The sweat makes my whole body uncomfortable and weird. My eyes are tired all the time and I am freezing all over my body. I now realize that I am cursed…
You know Athena, you’ve never once tried to forgive me. After all the things I’ve done for you, many times I’ve forgiven you before and you have been the one in my heart. Still you give me nothing, you stabbed me in my back hundred times. Still my heart lies with you.
Am I bad?
Mario Lyberth