torsdag den 27. januar 2011

Minor Sanity

When I imagine how my life would be without you, it’s only crazy disasters. You give me hope and meaning for my life. You daunt my crazyness everytime, giving me the smile of joy to you. The love lingers towards the happiness above the skies. Let our animal instincts lead us the way to the sanity.

Burn my eyes, burry my body.
Lust be fault and everybody.
Daunting prospect my ass, woman,
only you know how you work.
The Demon Story.
You want,
to burn.
Let your eyes glow for awhile,
see the stars while you alive.
The gate will open soon my darling,
You better off leaving this endearing,
Of your demon.
Your love,
This is my insanity inside.

The true beauty isn’t waht’s inside the person, all you guys have been wrong all this time. It doesn’t mean if a woman has this unbelieveable body, she turn out to be a mean snob. She’s a person just like all of us and she is the true beauty. Hey come on, most people can be hard on your ass. You don’t have to wear jackboots to see them at all. It’s a jab of pain guys, and you don’t have to be a hippy to see those kaleidoscopic changes around those snobs, their demeanor is horror. However, no matter how we react on others and no matter how bad our actions are, we are all going to Heaven. “God is all forgiving.” it is written. This line represents the forgiveness, we have to remember it. Hell doesn’t exist, it is just our imagination in our imagination that creates an entire illusion of Hell. The hate confuses us so we creates an entire world of pain in afterlife. Don’t be confused, love one another and charish the beauty of our nature. We are all going to “Heaven”.

Mario Lyberth

onsdag den 26. januar 2011

Sacret Kiss

For months I’ve been trying this new little game of mine, kind of a psychological one and it’s seems to be working fine today. Maybe in a few days or so, I’ll be able to work it all the way to the finishing line. To do more kissing and touching the body, being able to hold her at night, sweat and cold clashing into something better that leads to the perfect comfort and warmth.

my red scarf[7]The days go quickly and surprisingly fast. It seems the time flies like a bird, going illigally and dangerous to everyone. Yesterday it was june, now it’s January suddenly and it kind of sucks, because everybody is leaving town so I’ll be left alone. Think I leave it too. I think it’s because of this game time runs away from me. At least I get a Sacred Kiss from her…

I really, really hate myself sometimes. I can be a goo and a scumbag. Many say there’s only one love and there’s nothing we can do about it. I say this to everyone around: They’re wrong!!! If it’s true, I’ll never be able to find my true love again. Because I have lost mine not long ago and it really kicks me bad, my emotions are numb and my behaviour is never the same. From the moment I kissed her neck ‘till the day we split apart was an adventure ride. Life goes on I’ll say and we all will find love once again, soon and I can promise that to you!

This girl I can’t have is really something something. The way she is to me, counting on me whenever she needs me and I really hate not seeing her. Maybe someday I get to see her again, counting on her to feel me once again. For now, they are many fishes in sea and one of them will show up. Maybe she already shown herself to me, I just couldn’t see her… Damn!

Mario Lyberth