torsdag den 6. maj 2010

The Road to Darkness

It happens whenever you walk into a room where I am, and it happens so quick I feel sick everytime. I lost myself inside and my control over my body. I shake and shake, it is like I have had enough of coffee. I lost the game and you win the prize.

road1 I distance myself from any good things, still there’s something wrong. The Flashbacks keeps coming and I hate that. Life is hard and I know it, the question is: Do I deserve it? I keep asking it over and over. Where are the good things I need and where’s the point of all of this misery? The path I use to control I have lost, ain’t no perfect anymore. The turnings and backwards no options, the only end I see is Darkness. The sins and pins are returning, the meaning of this I don’t see. I surrender…

I know I’ve hurt your feelings and you’ve hurt mine. That doesn’t mean you have to keep on, you know I’ve stopped it long time ago. Why do you still fight me? I always try to lie to you, but the truth is I love you more than anything. It’s a shame.

The Road to Darkness is going to be long and hard, the future is not bright and wonderful. The Gods have cursed me, never to find happiness again, never to see the heart of this soul and my veins darkened. The minute seems a long time passed, every second feels eternity. I don’t think I can’t hold on anymore.

“Death, Pain
Veins, Dark
Cross burning
Hold on tight

Soul reaping
No light can defeat
I wish I never here
Always alone

Heart broken, Pieces
No secret life
Lust gone for good
Still I’m sad”

The tears are mine to cry, never meant to be yours to dry.
Don’t you damn and damn try, just let me burn and burn.
I here by let me bleed, cursed I meant to keep.
Blood is the only one I need, just don’t be too mean.
I have nothing to gain, never meant to darken my vein.
Nothing I do removes the stain, black river and Elune help me.

And I’m sure, we both still love her.

Mario Lyberth

tirsdag den 4. maj 2010

0 o’clock

What will 0 o’clock mean to you? Midnight or Noon? How would our time plan look like? I don’t really know…

04052010(002) The numbers we see everyday are sometimes difficult to understand, because I ask often myself why theese specific numbers? Will there ever be different numbers in the future? So many questions still unanswered, walking around my consciousness and bothering me everytime. If one day becomes 23 hours, it wouldn’t even matter, ‘cause that is our real natural day and we wouldn’t have headaches for once. So it would be 6 o’clock the sun rises from the East not 5 o’clock and that is wrong according to my calculations. We see six as a positive number without thinking it through, and five, well, it’s different and negative. However, we have managed to form it into something better, for example, the fives, Jackson Five, Five boys meaning boybands and 5 as my lucky number. Maybe it is because the sun creates shining memories that specific time, which should be 6 according to my timeplan and shine a ligh on us…

I have enough of this! You’ll never see me again, so disgusting you are. No more entering my room and no more talking from me. I belong in another world, world of lust, where I am once this powerful man. You have to know that you have never satisfy me, I’ve tried…

For me it’s 0 o’clock when I say Pandora for the first time. The time stops and I see your smile so beautiful I slipped into the alternate reality. Now I am all depressed, I think of something brilliant. If I become president, I’ll declare a war with you!!! You turn me into a monster…

Teles and Aglaope, Lust and Pure.
Aglaophonos and Mors Mortis, Light and Darkness.
I’ve seen you around my beautiful Euryale.
You’ve always known my mortality and endureness.
Let the light show us the path to intimacy,
so we lest forget the past and the future.
Set the burning flame into dust and dure.

Mario Lyberth

mandag den 3. maj 2010

Cold Eyes

The world isn’t perfet, life is hard and yes, it is frustrating. Well, if the world was perfect, we would life our lives awfully and yes, we wouldn’t find happiness in that perfect little world ‘cause we wouldn’t know about it.

The wind blows my mind and my words are getting shorter. Cold air I feel. Someone close by me disturbing me. My room is dark and it’s hard to notice that someone is near by. My room is cold because I have forgotten to turn up the radiator. Suddenly behind my curtains I see those eyes, displeased and full of pain, staring at me, I freeze…

“Give us back Stalin and Hitler, give us back Caesar and Xerxes, so we can make this world a better place. Kaassassuk and Anngannguujunnguaq will not be mentioned, so disappointing. Ajorsaqaat!”

Too much coffee gives me dizzyness and my opinions flip around, which makes me see the other side of the world. I smile when I’m angry, I laugh when I’m cynical and I lie when I’m truthfull. A ghost is you, hard to find and hard to see. You are my unique heart, never to disappear inside. Ring the bells with your naked hands, forget your perfect offering. Release the contract, set your eyes on fire and burn my body. Forget democrazy, forget the freedom and hail to slavery. It’s not illegal when you’re the president, even if it is murder. Be the bloodlust, you’ll survive. Just life Darwin said…

My cold eyes makes me happier.

Mario Lyberth