fredag den 26. marts 2010



Sometimes I wonder if I changed so much, my parents don’t even recognice me anymore. When the sun is rising up in the horizon, and the cold air is still at its best I take a walk amongs the dead. The great Saint is above me watching me carefully, trying to find my weakness. Three powerful women I come to think about while walking, their bodies are pure and beautiful. Their eyes sparkling and the beauty they possess is their weapon. I don’t know which one is my guardian. Without women we, men, cannot live a happy life.

What do you do when you’re in a difficult position, where your social life is in danger ?

Mario Lyberth

onsdag den 17. marts 2010

Night Drive


It’s like everything else, you turn out to be a wild card living amongs everyone. You live on your own and every night is a struggle to survive. I wonder too much about my life and I found it very hard to see that this all makes sense. You try to tell everyone you are around and everytime, there are no responses. When the sky darkens and the lights seems to be the only living creatures on planet Earth, you walk amongs the spirits like you are a ghost. The song you hear is the same every night, quite and smooth notes wondering the circle. It makes you think and question about your pathetic little life: How do I suppose find the inner light of all this life circle? The center is the key to find salvation… Still, you are standing on the egde looking for path. How can I see through this fog? It’s like no one knew you were exist.

Mario Lyberth

mandag den 15. marts 2010

The Superior Collector

Someone once told me about this theory; among critics and superior leasers; life is meant to be going forward through leadership. That the religion is the most important fact to us to learn. No love to control the society, no faith between human beings and Gods will help us through the bible, which by the way is men not God who wrote the bible. You might say, they are the wise ones and intellegent ones. See, I’m not a religious kind of guy, who followed anything the bible says. And I am not a leader of men, commander of love nor captain of hate. However I have some opinion that may be frustrating enough to make you wonder; is love enough to conquer the world?
We are all people with fake smiles, we are buried and blinded by love and we know that it’s true. Our souls have certain flaws, thre’s a way that can’t change a soul. However it can change our love into hate.


Feels like long time, suddenly appearing again this ghostly figure. I can’t see who she is, but the eyes are blue even though it is dark. Stare all it is she does, scary but beautiful like an angel. That’s how she arrives. Suddenly appearing from owhere, while I drink my coffee. Maybe it has something to do with the coffee, everytime I drink one of those, she comes to my dreams. Or the cigarette I smoke everyday gives the bad nerves attack me. I’m no psychic nor I can’t see the future but I am sure she is not a ghost. She was more that this. My other coscience tells me she’s an angel, however the other one warns me to be careful. “Ash fellanow” she whispers, I don’t even know how it means. And I know my languade is one of the most difficul languages on earth, still I am surprised by her language. So different I feel my back hairs rise, surprised by the magic voice. I feel my soul has been lifted by light. She told me it is called “Tranquilled”, it helps the wounds of a soul to recover faster. thumbs_zanypickle_032

The gate in front of me won’t open for me, that means I haven’t furfilled my destiny. Life is still ahead of me. So here I go again.
The dream I had was awful, however it was only a nightmare… I think. Someone once told me life is just an illusion and that’s when it hit me. Is my dream real? Or when I woke up the world I see? We humans have many questions still unanswered, it is never easy to be realistisk once in awhile. Through my battles between light and darkness, I’ve seen things still questionalbe, women so beautiful I wanted to follow them. They whisper into my ears, I darken a little. A bottle stands on the table, fine water inside waiting to be opened. The song in my head is pitiful, because I can’t learn it right away. The girl in my dreams won’t come back, what a waste. Life is simply easier when I had a good night sleep. She collects me in my dreams, I like that.

Mario Lyberth

søndag den 14. marts 2010

Lonely in the Woods


Have you ever wondered about love, how it affects you in every way and how it changes you into a different person?…
This whole day, I tire and becoming more and more lonely. It is not because I want to be left out from everybody else, and not because I like it that way. Someone pushed the button and closed every section around me so I couldn’t go out to the public and reveal myself. I totally am fucked up.

Never mind if the forrest is dark and never mind if the forrest has the sun all over the place, you’ll still be alone. Especially in the winter, the forrest has no feelings for you. You can not live here on your own. 

For now I live in the forrest all by myself, and no one is here to protect meDSC_2465. I think I can hold on few days before I lost my mind. What is a man have to do if he wants salvation? No promise was made to Hades this month, why still he punished me for it. Zeus hear my plea!

Mario Lyberth

onsdag den 10. marts 2010

Falling down

The chance of me to get through this day is minimal. I have been feeling like I am drowning, my selfisteem is critical. Finally you have managed to make me fall, after a thousand messages of threads about my ego you push me from a cliff. My feeling dropped to zero, again and again, and everytime I try to save myself from that fall… I fail. I’ve seen it before in my dreams, the nightmare is finally coming. My punishment for the crime.

“Spending all the energy to keep me down,
is finally coming to an end.
Thousand Threads, disappointing stains are critical,
I am finally falling from a cliff.

Your desire to hurt me from my soul is my own,
like my ego is soul would bend.
The nightmare, The punishment is not minimal,
My body burns.”

The fall is still long.

Mario Lyberth

torsdag den 4. marts 2010

Ouranos (Father Sky)


Come to think about the starry night outside my room, I see Lunar deity, Selene. There, glowing with bright light across the universe while our Father Sky is around. We never did respect our nature, all we think about is our evolution. Sometimes our Father punishes us with storm and blizzard, because we think of ourselves. That is why I come to think about my nearest fase. Why do I have to blame me for doing all of this, while you are the one to blame? Never mind, my mind cannot think of anything else… Amy Green. You must understand, I easily fall in love with someone. While I was reading my beloved book (Magazine), I saw Amy Green on the page and I couldn’t resist. To look at her beautiful body I fully recovered from the pain in my stomach. However, I am praying to our Father Sky to help me a little with my social life. Hey, it sucks by the way. The same thing everyday… Maybe I should do something about it…

There’s a girl in my mind, she has this smile I can’t put out from my mind. Everyday seems longer when I’m thinking about her. Well, I’ll call her tonight.

Mario Lyberth