søndag den 9. august 2009


My tired body fills me with anger, scaring everybody around me. Over me there is this woman, she confuses me... However, this is where I must chose which girl I want. First of all, I am a Muck! I cannot understand why they like me for who I am, just a dirty Muck! Protected by Gods I am, even though, I want to live on my own without their help. They won't let me go, 'cause I have a debt to solve. They usually help me living my life, I am their bet, and my soul belongs to them now. To the Underworld, Hades' bet. Zeus' champion and Aphrodite's lover.
There you go, you're gone for good. I cannot let go untill you do that. The problem is she doesn't know how I am to her. I mean, the feelings for her.
This line is short...
Mario Lyberth

lørdag den 1. august 2009

Hopeless Drifter

Strait ahead she moves, a little older she is than me. I don't know how she moves, just another prick to solve. Turning and turning...
My senses are weakening, without the touch of a woman I faint. Without the hunt I'll starve...
The maze can't be solved this is. Mayhem causes me to change they are. Crushed and blinded by her beauty I feel.

It wouldn't be you are leaving me with a mountain of guilt. The burning fire, rings burst out above and the black smoke drains all the air. A star, only one I see and strings retangle my body. Just like an insect I flow, trying all I can to find the food and hardly survive. Every one needs an angel to find love again.

The nature is a very dangerous world, no one can really survive that easily. Even a lion must work hard to find it's pray. I am no lion, nor a tiger so that means I am a weak minded man. More like a sissy, trying to pretend a real man playing the guitar. Knowing my life will not be that simple, like now.

[Strange,... Air compresses into smaller pieces, so I feel strangled. It dances, doing it's thing to pursuade me. The wings of fire I see, it troubles me... Red spark around, roses die around it and the heat is getting warmer. Thunder strikes, bolt hits tree. I can feel it shaking. Everything seems to go to an end, then the rains starts to fall.

Some say everything starts to regrow, good things come out and every evil disappears. The smoke will be gone and it will return to where it belongs...]

Break it, overdone it and The Only One. Do not feel akward about it. Not once, don't hesitate.

"The Illusion breaks away the fantasy
Just like Heracles became known as deity
Bumbed from the real ecstacy
Seing the unreal shade of entity"

A piece of wonderland, the body is too amazing. Eyes changes into blue every summer, grey in the winter.
Like I am, never to say the true pain. Never to show my love while around. Too stupid when it comes to pretty girls.
"Strains and streams, drugs and the end of the world.
Stains and bands, Ragnarok as the same word.
I am on my own as I see today.
Now I can see it won't fade away.
Cain and pain, will forever walk the earth.
Drain and gain, so you won't fall to the dirt.
Here I am on the mountain now.
Saying to myself with the word "How?"

I wonder why, still I wonder how.
You stay cold and odd now.
I am responsible
Untill I am no more a hopeless drifter
You'll take it all in not like ditcher
I am and in danger.

Dads and cats, will never go the same path.
Bad and that, clouds are invisible as you in bath.
Why do I even care to join?
Gladly and happily to point?

Universe along with you drains all the happiness in me.
Darn it! And curse you for being that beautiful to poison."

Mario Lyberth