mandag den 27. juli 2009

Faith without deed is dead

Saving the world is not important. Saving yourself is more important than saving the others. Life sucks and everybody knows that, however for some people life is brighter. As for me, my life is getting darker every minute.
The only thing I know when my life will be better is in few days away from me, and 'till that day I have to fight the dark army on my own. I know I can win this battle for few days, somehow I will fall finally.
My life gets a little better everytime I sing Albertine, especially the chorus that goes like this:
Now that I have seen
I am responsible
Faith without deed is dead
Now that I have held you
In my own arms
I cannot let go 'till you are
I find this songs extremely powerful and it reminds me of someone I care about with my whole heart. My goddess of Lust, My Aphrodite and My other half. Or it is only a crush...
Mario Lyberth