søndag den 31. maj 2009

Reptile Bite

Why afraid of the dark? When you already are in the dark. Love has abandoned me, I feel no warm inside me and pain is still growing up like a child. Getting bigger and stronger, it hurts me too much and I want to quit fighting it. Maybe it is better to die and peace will at last come to me. Apollon is now somewhere else, my senses are weakened and darkened. Like in a forrest alone I am, seeing a woman far away laughing at me. Once my love, now far away. Love isn't always what you want it to be, sometimes it hides from you, hurting you like a reptile bite. Why bother?
You are the one I wil always love. Aphrodite has shown me you, there standing so beautifully and smiling so amazing. Now I am broken in two, one here and the other in the egde of you. You know I'm yours, abuse me! You have the chance to put me into a whole piece, take the chance!
Mario Lyberth

onsdag den 13. maj 2009

Closing in on the egde once again

Every man has a weakpoint somewhere inside him, when you hurt it so bad it'll make him so sad. Once again my pride has been touched by darkness. Just like a soul in the dark afraid of moving out, feeling the pain in my mind.

The incident I've heard is hurting me, my lord.
The forrest darkens within, my eyes are seeing chaos
Only damned get 'em, send to hell are they now
Heaven it is not, God above not seeing not us
Girl I see in the dark, the forest is now in snow
The wall is high, too high is not in the dust.

Enough said


Mario Lyberth

tirsdag den 5. maj 2009

Claws of a polarbear

I really don't understand you, my dear. I don't know if this is a game to you, still I feel that I am just a toy for you that breaks easily. You hate me everyday, you laugh at me everyday still you really do like me when you're drinking. I feel I need more than you, but afraid of the things might go wrong. Like my dizzyness I am, you touch me with the nicest hands... Claws of a polarbear I feel, sometimes so good I like the pain. Just like the hunter of the seas, The Ruler of the seas ruining my life while I try to through his territory. Poseidons wrath destroys my battleship, now I can get near you and I am hopeless. I wander the underworld looking for you, for you I am dead. I hear you evil laughter in this land, so loud it even hurt my ears just hearing you... Still I want you.

I ask myself many times, what do you really want to do? Will you still play with me and hurt me so bad I want to travel into another dimension? You are like Medusa, once beautiful, transformed into a monster with snakehairs. Circe is the one jealous, not me and I don't want her. I have tried many times avoiding her. Like you know it, she played me hard. I thought I loved her, but just another woman. Pandora is beautiful and you know it. The relationship is over, is that you are afraid of? That I want to get back with her? No woman, I won't. [...]

While you lie in the water last night, I looked at you awhile thinking how beautiful you are. Making my night so wonderful I smiled and couldn't stop it.
"The face of an angel so beautiful
I still wonder why I was so pityful
To avoid you while I had the chance
Makes me think foolish of myself at last
The night glows while you sit in the cold night
the water in your body getting good and tight
Claws of a polarbear you give me tonight
The scars will never be forgotten"

Mario Lyberth

mandag den 4. maj 2009

Life After Death

There are two fundamentally different types of views on the afterlife: empirical views based on observation and religious views based on faith.

* The first type of claims are loosely based on observations and conjecture made by humans or instruments (for example a radio or a voice recorder, which are used in electronic voice phenomena, or EVP). These observations are made from reincarnation research, near death experiences, out-of-body experiences, astral projection, EVP, mediumship, various forms of photography et cetera. Academic inquiry into such phenomena can be broken down roughly into two categories: psychical research generally focuses on case studies, interviews, and field reports, while scientific parapsychology relates to strictly laboratory research.
* The second type are based on a form of faith, usually faith in the stories that are told by ancestors or faith in religious books like the Bible, the Qur'an, the Talmud, the Vedas, the Tripitaka et cetera. This article is mainly about this second type.

What happens when we're dead? Do we travel into another dimension or are we completely gone? In many religion we believe that there's this Afterlife or Reincarnation after death. I know, it's confusing you... It confuses me as well, I have many thoughts about the Afterlife.

Now if there's a Dead, who collects the spirits recently left their bodies and wonder alone in our world knowing we can't see them. How do I see this?

I know there's a lot of questions that needed to be answered, and we all just have to believe in the Bible or Koran or Talmud etc. Based on the religion we have. But for all of you that is not-religion-type-kind-of-guy or an ateist more precisely, how do you see the life after death?

The Eden is one of my favourites. Many people wants to go to Eden when they are dead, I want to go there as well. If Angels exist so does Eden as well. Angel Raphael visits Eden, according to Milton's Paradise Lost [John Martin, 1825]. I was touched by the poem John Milton's Paradise Lost, so amazing he wrote. So dramatic he wrote. See it for yourself:

"So spake the false dissembler unperceivd;
For neither Man nor Angel can discern Hypocrisie,
the onely evil that walks Invisible,
except to God alone,
By his permissive will,
through Heav'n and Earth:
Satan bowing low,
As to superior Spirits is wont in Heaven,
Where honour due and reverence none neglects,
Took leave, and toward the coast of Earth beneath,
Down from th' Ecliptic,
sped with hop'd success,
Throws his steep flight in many an Aerie wheele,
Nor staid, till on Niphates top he lights."

Mario Lyberth

søndag den 3. maj 2009

Travelling though the clouds

We all want to fly like the birds, we all want to walk across the oceans. As for me, I experience all this as we speak. I am happy, now I see what the life wants us to see...

I hear a clear and wonderful word from you yesterday. The word I really love to hear, especially when it comes from you. It makes me too happy. Just like heaven, however the place wasn't the best place in the world but most unlikely it pops out of nowhere. Only I can see that you don't want to scare me, so you kind of make it incredibly good enough for me to believe it. I do love you too, really. You are the one I really like, especially the laughter of yours. You are amazing...

The story has always a problem, sometimes without the solution. While I travel the sky, you put me down with knowledge and intellegence. I am now more clever than anyone else in this world feeling, the love of yours within my heart.
You touch me, giving me light and peace. Like in the night, I stand alone afraid of the spirits. I know no Gods will help me 'cause I don't believe in them. They have cursed me. You shall me my angel in darkness, the angel to guide me towards heaven. All you have to do is let go, and you don't have to be afraid anymore because I will never hurt you again. I made a promise to you, and I tend to keep it that way. Don't be afraid, let yourself go and let me hold on you in the night. And I promise you this... I will not let you go.
Mario Lyberth

lørdag den 2. maj 2009

Is this what you expected to see?

So, you thought you might like to watch me and see the show. Is there something wrong, my sunshine? Is this what you have expected to see? No... I didn't think so.

Corpses around, dark divine within me. My body is freezing in this dark hour, the sun never sets its foot here.

The time is running away, I can't follow it. It is alright soon, and I haven't seen you long enough.

Who is that man you are with? You never tell me his name, I thought we were friends. I don't know him, but you said he is someone close to me.
I'm not following you.
Mario Lyberth