fredag den 13. februar 2009

Faces with fake smiles

When sometimes life goes so ridiculous
and it's root has been cut off
the candle shuts off

When the hearts lonely sun
shines no more in the heart
and the moon has been hidden by the clouds
the identity in my soul I've forgotten

Your in the middle of the square
but I'm far away in the egde
I want to get close
But I cannot see it

Blinded, buried, darkness I feel
Life is mine but can't know it sometimes
Like faces with fake smiles

It brokes up and it's difficult to get fresh

Written by: Mario Lyberth (greenlandic: Bella Mølgaard)

torsdag den 5. februar 2009

Children of God

If the bible is correct, it makes me really confused because it says that we are the children of God. Now, about Jesus Christ; I don't want to critizise that at all... So don't be angry with me, it is only my opinion and my right to say... Jesus is the only son of God, what are we?

God created us with his image, God brought us to life and by that we call him farther.. It makes sense, the fact I don't really understand is... Why are we calling him Our Farther? See, I have my own farther who created me long time ago, and I love him by that. Do I have to call God my farther?

Life is brilliant, we have so many religions, so many races too... There's war that can't really be stopped, it goes and goes; forever. We don't have to fight, but I believe some have to... Because of the properties like areas in the land, we want everything that can be possessed. We cannot share the land if we are different races, or if we have differences. If we are all children of God, we would share our differences.

Mario Lyberth