torsdag den 20. november 2008


A guy and two girls, a girl and two guys; what is better?

" A dream could come true when you want it to, a dream could be yours when you work hard for it and a dream is always possible when you believe in it. "
As for you guys, I want that dream. My dream is not a normal dream nor it is not a silly dream. This dream is too perfect, me and two girls in my bed, in my kitchen, in my bathroom and in my apartment. I know, every guy have this dream. They are not planning on having sex with a girl with another guy (some might do it), but isn't it better to have another girl aside just to do anything with you?

As for the celebrities, I want to do Adriana Lima and Jessica Alba at the same time and I wouldn't mind having Adriana Lima as a girlfriend nor Jessica Alba. These two womans are my favourite women in the world. For me they are the most beautiful women in the world. I really don't know if there are any better, I bet. Yes, I know this girl Keyra and she has the best body in the world.

Well, back to me. Me, the person inside me is an unusual one. Some say to me that I am a strange guy, funny as well but also annoying. Some say that I am attractive, and some say I am not. And hey, world isn't perfect, it is a strange thing to live in. I am not saying that I don't like it, I love living here and the only problem is that I can't get money without working for it. My personalia can handle the problem.

I want two girls now. Can you give it to me?

Mario Lyberth

tirsdag den 18. november 2008

Beautiful Sleep

Nothing hasn't been hotter before. The bodies never seemed better and look at those guys begging for more. For girls it doesn't really matter. All the drinks cots no more than a coint. For those wild people it's best to roll a joint. The dancers dance to me. Make me enjoy the view.

Stolen, kidnapped and captured.
Getting near to steadyness they are.
The body stays still. I consider what kind of dream they'd having, a nightmare is always near.
And I don't want to move on to another. It is strange thatI can't see your eyes tonight, those beautiful eyes just for me to watch all day long.
Your smile isn't there when you are sleeping and already I am missing you laughter.
"Click" you say, I'm loving it everytime. You'll all say I am a weird guy, all the living has odd sides. You're my Sleeping Beauty.
You pretend you made it up
because it's a girl
It isn't the final cup
and the girl isn't a pearl
You knew it from the start
that she hated you for playing a long
Keep it up, dream about it and never wonder if it doesn't make you a star.
If they hear you do it, it'll only make you famous enough that the rumours are started.
I wonder my song would be famous if I ever play it to the people. I love it though. My eyes are not tired, if they are I would be sleeping already by now. Lying here, Sleeping Beauty of the night I miss. Ignoring its wonderful quitness. THe girl stands there watching others do their lives without regrets, she is the opposite of them. But she is wonderful to me, however she looks and thinks about me. I'd like her anyway. I am different than all other you guys. I write so different that you'll hit me with a stone, maybe it ain't pretty or understandable at all. I think I sometimes write all crap. Maybe my head is full of crap. Perhaps it just have to get out, who knows. Anyway her hair is long and looks deebly wonderful, so smooth and so exotic. Erotically, she is the best I've ever had. She kisses me like I am a virgin, she touches me like I am the only one and she smiles at me like I am the only one that can make her smile. It sorrounds us all with its greatness and charity. Am I just bit Crazy?
Mario Lyberth

tirsdag den 11. november 2008

The Strip

Come and dance for me slut! Take your clothes off!

fredag den 7. november 2008

Control Me ingreasingly

Closes thing to get the love you need, is to be control by it... I don't get it.

A new life have emerged, new girls streaming every single day. I have seem to lost my self in a paradise for those like me. I kind of miss my old life where I can just go to my girlfriend's room, and do what I do best... Now it has left me, gone for the summer.

Greetings new members of the underworld, here we party every friday and don't mind about this guy. He'll just tear you up dear little girl, but imagine you'll get the sex you haven't even imagine true. The feeling where you are unable to think clearly and where you will be more satisfied. These guys might hurt your feelings by playing with you, but hey that's what we do. We're guys from below... Not demons.

Enter the Paradise dear one....


Mario Lyberth

The lust

Libra (23 Sep - 22 Oct)
You may feel as if time has run out, now that it's the last day of the Sun in your sign. Your relationships are about to grow more intense, and you'll also feel more alive as your passions awaken. Make up your mind to undertake some type of service, for it's your extra effort and generosity of spirit that will make you feel better about yourself these days.

Amazingly surprising how good-looking girls can be, I want to feel the lust among them. I want to taste the sweat, I want them to feel me:

"The Body I'm looking at is amazing
I am terrified just watching it closely
It is time to take the risk by Chosing
I fear the path is dangerous and risky"

Now let me take you to my reality, my true power and strength you haven't seen before. I can be very irritating, don't think about it. It is you we want, it is you we desire... You have the body!
I have never in my entire life feel this anger, the feeling that can destroy my entire life and turn me into this maniac and freak. I am now addicted to you, I can't really stop touching you... Please make me stop! Make me forget you, make me desire for more than you. Make me realise that this is really have to stop, you can't handle me now let me go! I can't let you go by myself, however by your help we can handle the situation.
Give me more! Give me a young girl! Give me a woman! Give me a body! Give away my desires!

Mario Lyberth

I've Been Unfaithful

When you lost someone or something, you barely handle the pain. You wonder if it is the devil or God that cause the incident. Why is he the One they take? He is like a brother to you and he is always there when you need someone to talk to.It is almost his birthday when decided to take it away. Hurting everybody aside when it has happened.

Is being unfaithful to your girlfriend makes you an idiot? Or is you don't trust your girlfriend makes you an idiot? I know everyone had their foolishness at their parties, christmas-dinners, out of town experiences or holidays where they managed to sleep with someone else not their girlfriend and enjoyed the freedom. Now freedom my friend is important to all of us, however if you have a girlfriend which you love too much you will not have your freedom. Unless... It have been a thing which you will regret later soon. Would you tell your Girlfriend?
To never do what is right is frightening, even though I am a happy guy, seems that I have a bad side too.

Mario Lyberth